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Mar 19, 2014 08:05 AM

Burger Fi, Counter Burger enter NJ

I never heard of these places until a Star Ledger story today. Anyone tried them? So far Burger Fi is in New Brunswick and Counter Burger is in Clifton.

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  1. I went to a Counter burger in CT. I really liked it. You got to choose type of meat, size of patty, and they had a ton of options for toppings. The burger was really juicy. They also had a full bar. I don't know if the one in NJ will with the cost of liquor licenses in this state.

    1. Went to Burger Fi tonight. We found ourselves driving around with no plans and I remembered it from here.

      Would I go back if I was in the area? Maybe. Would I make a special Trip. No.

      I got the build your own burger and I would say the regular patties taste very much like 5 guys. They do use a potato bun though which I think is an improvement. The burgerFi sauce is similar to a thousand island dressing.

      My wife got a brisket burger and said the taste of the patty was very good.

      Fries where nicely done. Appear to be fresh cut and crisp.

      Atmosphere is kind of cool, metal grate ceiling tiles, they have the whole "recycled" look going for them. I think they are kind of overdoing the whole "eat natural" thing though. Eat natural right next to the coke freestyle machine and the yellow "cheez" sauce on your fries.

      They do brand their logo into the top of the bun which is pretty cool, and personally I've never seen that before.

      They serve wine and beer at the counter.

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        Thanks for checking it out. Counter Burger is scheduled to open next month on George Street. I wonder if they can all hold their own. White Rose and 25 Burgers are already in the neighborhood.

      2. Tommyeats Tweeted to say that the burger at Counter was good, but I believe the direct quote was "the place was a sh*tshow"--sounds like they need to settle in a bit!

        Then again, they opened in a HORRIBLY-designed parking lot/strip in Clifton...I avoid it at all costs and live nearby!

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        1. re: Curlz

          Whose spot did they take. Pollo Tropical?

        2. There is now a highly-detailed account of lunch at Counter on - and I quoted his Tweet correctly.

          1. I've eaten at a number of The Counter locations in California and I always enjoyed it. It's not really a "gourmet" burger, but it is fun building exactly the burger you want from the options. I remember liking the fried pickles, but I honestly don't recall them being served with apricot sauce -- BBQ sauce or even ranch, but dill pickles and apricot sauce...yuck.