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Food + morgue [San Francisco]

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I know, I know. Not two words you often hear together!! Am taking our Auntie Mame to San Fran and all the things she wants to do last happened in the 1970's and most places are closed.

Can you help me figure this out? She says there was a restaurant she liked 'down by the morgue' (?!?!) but doesn't remember the name or the cuisine.

I Googled and there seems to be a restaurant currently housed in a funeral home, but that's not it. At least I thought this post would be good for a laugh.

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  1. LOL, was it named.Soylent Green?

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    1. Does she literally mean the County morgue, or does she mean a funeral home? If the latter, my guess would be that she's referring to the Green street mortuary, across from which is The old-school Italian restaurant Capp’s Corner. Their meals come with soup and a salad if that's of any help.

      1. Alfred's was across the street from the morgue before they tore down the Hall of Justice to build a hotel.

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          Robert, please elaborate. Are you talking about the old Hall of Justice by Portsmouth Square, where the Hilton SF Financial District (nee Holiday Inn Chinatown) now resides? Because I'm pretty sure that Alfred's only moved from Broadway into the old Blue Fox spot on Merchant around 1997.

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            Ah, right you are. It was the Blue Fox that was across the street from the morgue. I learned about that from the manager at Alfred's and forgot it was their predececessor.


        2. This thread really invites all kinds of bad jokes.

          1. You are exactly right!!!! I just called my aunt and it was The Blue Fox and now it's gone but thank you so much.

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              Glad the mystery is solved. That said, your Auntie Mame would probably like Alfred's.

            2. Tadich and Sam's are still alive and kicking.

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                The Blue Fox was swanky and French, like Ernie's. I'm not sure where you could go for a similar experience these days, maybe La Folie?

              2. The restaurant across from the County Morgue was The Blue Fox (Merchant Street to be exact). Tucked away in an alley, it was simply the most elegant restaurant in San Francisco if not California. Considered one of the finest restaurants in the country in it's hey day. I was fortunate to have enjoyed, among a few succeeding visits, one of my first dates there back in the mid 70's. Strangely enough, after all the thousands of restaurants I've dined at over the years, I'll never forget the details of dining at the Blue Fox, even to the point of remembering the bin number the wine I ordered was in. (being young and not able to pronounce Cabernet Sauvignon, I just ordered from bin 35 and hoped I wouldn't be carded). We were seated in one of the smaller more intimate dining rooms and my date was so impressed, she could hardly speak. It was a magical, almost mystical and mysterious place that will likely never be duplicated. The wonderful thing about the Blue Fox was that I was 20 years old, my date was 18 and we looked it. Still we were not just treated well, but almost like special guests (one has to remember this was a dining spot for the likes of Frank Sinatra and various superstars of the time)given one of the more exclusive tables. After its famed owner Mario Mondin retired and sold it sometime in the 1980's it went into a decline, trying to live on it's laurels, and ceased to be in the early 1990's. The memories however, of anyone who dined there in its heyday, will live on. The cuisine by the way was labeled as "Continental" though it leaned heavily to Italian, reflecting its legendary owner's Venetian roots. In it's early days, I understand it was far more French.

                1. You definitely need a reservation, people are dying to get in.