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Quiet date night recs, something new?

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Any recs for something nice and new in Boston/Cambridge for a quiet date night -- with some really good wine and craft beers to boot. Love seafood and spice and veggies. Eager to try Row 34, but we're too late, all booked up.

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  1. New recently opened? How much are you looking to spend?

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      we love places like oleana and ten tables, old standbys with great food. we've been to ribelle and loved that. just alwyas looking for something we haven't tried. looking for entrees in the 20s, high 20s is fine.

        1. re: Dmost

          I'm confused. Do you want quiet, because Ribelle is certainly not quiet? I haven't been to Row 34 yet, but I'd imagine it's quite loud too.

          My favorite new place is Alden & Harlow. The seats to the right when you first walk in would probably be reasonably quiet. I've only sat the bar so can't speak to the rest of the room.

          1. re: mkfisher

            Yeah, ditto for Westbridge - I couldn't really hear my DC at all. I won't be back there anytime soon (unfortunately, as the food was great!)

            1. re: addiez

              Oh, yeah--Westbridge is butt ass loud. I figured the "quiet" the OP was looking for meant (s)he was looking for something other than an all-night bender, not the volume of the establishment.

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              A&H is reasonably quiet for a new place. And the beef neck is one of the best meat dishes I’ve eaten in quite some time!

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                A&H is reasonably quiet for a new place. And the beef neck is one of the best meat dishes I've tasted in quite some time!

          2. Have you tried Vee Vee in Jamaica Plain? Small and quiet enough for a conversation (rare these days!) with good wines and beer.

            1. How about Sycamore (in Newton, but not that far from Boston/Cambridge)?

              1. Since you like Oleana (my first thought), how about Sarma in Somerville? Not so quiet, but really amazing food. I love the decor, and find it enchanting. Going early may not be so romantic, but it is quieter then.

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                1. re: Madrid

                  Or Sabur, in Teele square? Serbian-ish, totally underrepresented here except for occasional thumbs-ups.

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                    yes to sarma, sycamore, alden and harlow. since you loved ribelle you might also love strip t's. and Rendezvous. recent CH threads on all of them.

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                      My favorite meal at Commonwealth has been lunch. The value proposition at dinner is just a little off for me. He makes some great sandwiches and salads at lunch.

                        1. re: maillard

                          It probably is. I've had the steak and eggs and the biscuits and gravy. Both were good, but I'm not a brunch person. Never quite understood the allure. Give me a sandwich over eggs any day of the week.

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                            I was unsure at first, but I've come around to like the dinner choices, particularly for a weeknight option for two to share. You can get a salad, maybe another app or one or two veggies or sides, and one entree to share for a reasonable price, ~ $50. Limits my meat (over)consumption. I'm not positive, but I think the veggie/side portion sizes may have gotten larger since they first opened, as we've been having to take some home lately.

                    2. THANKS everyone, snared a reservation at West Bridge, reviews and menu sound good, eager to check it out. We don't mind a little noise, the energy makes it fun.

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                        great; hope you'll post back and give us an update on it.

                      2. SORRY for our late update on this evening after your recs. We enjoyed West Bridge, yes, it was loud as you said, but that was fine, nice atmosphere, nice waiter, food was very good to excellent mostly. We didn't try the famous egg dish, but we really liked the seafood potage, the kale, the brisket, and i have to say we had the chicken entree and it was the moistest chicken we've ever had, so moist that we asked how it was cooked, it was amazing, and it was a whole chicken, which was a ton, but it was great leftovers for 2 more days. ONE COMPLAINT: We made our reservation just a few days before, but we were not happy with the seats. we sat at one of those small tables along the side and they are like bar stools with no backs. that's not a comfortable way to enjoy a relaxing and not cheap dinner. you have to lean forward the entire time. that was annoying and i felt like they could find a way to put a seat with back for those tables. i didn't like walking through the dining room, envious of all these other diners who actually had backs to their chairs.

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                          Oh, good to know. If I don't have a back to my stool/ chair whatever, I am miserable due to a bad back. It's one reason I suffer at Clover. Not sure what the allure is for restaurant folks to have seating without a back.

                          On a more positive note, I think if I ate chicken, I'd run over to West Bridge right now based on your description.

                          1. re: mvi

                            I'd guess those particular seats don't have backs for visual purposes. They don't want to block the view to out front when there's nobody there. That said, they usually reserve those for walk-ins, so that's unfortunate you ended up there with a reservation.

                            1. re: mkfisher

                              Good grief. If that's true, that is very sad.

                              1. re: mvi

                                I don't know this. Just an educated guess. I'm not sure why it's very sad though. Maybe mildly annoying. 8 seats without backs isn't that big of a deal, is it?

                                1. re: mkfisher

                                  Gosh, I can't make it for more than 15 minutes or so on a seat or stool without a back and neither can my dad or my mom. I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis for over 15 years, my dad has spinal stenosis and my mom needs a hip replacement. So it is really good to know about those seats as it would make a difference to us.

                                  I'm really glad to know about these things in advance. (And I love West Bridge but was never offered those backless seats, even as a walk in without reservations! We have always had a table or eaten at the bar. Love it. Even though I don't eat chicken!)

                                  1. re: mvi

                                    I feel your pain (literally) since I have a bad back myself. I guess I just can't fault them for 8 backless seats.

                                    1. re: mkfisher

                                      I certainly would fault them for sticking people with reservations in those seats without notifying them that would be the case at the time the reservation was made.

                                  2. re: mkfisher

                                    I've sat in those seats as a walk-in, but I'd be pretty disappointed to make a reservation and get them. It's just a crappy way to eat a not-cheap dinner.