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Mar 19, 2014 06:07 AM

Please critique Paris choices

After several weeks of intense research I want to make a stab at these Paris choices. My husband and I are in our 50's, traveling to Paris for the first time since our college years. We do want to do too fussy or expensive. I understand that lunch is the way to go but I would also like a couple of nice dinners. Will be there for a week, staying in the 6th.

Here is what I have come up with. Any suggestions or alternatives would be appreciated.


Le Verre Vole
Chez Denise


Fish la Boissonnerie
Au Fin Gourmets

Looking for a special place for dinner on our last night. Also any advise as to how and when to make reservations would be appreciated. Should I ask the concierge at the hotel to make reservations and how far in advance should this be done?

Merci to all!!!!

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  1. A list that meets your not too fussy and not too expensive criteria.

    If you mean Aux Fins Gourmets on the boulevard Saint Germain, the name has been changed to Aux Vieux Garçons after a renovation last year... haven't been for years but the trad food used to be decent but not memorable.

    Ask the hotel concierge to make the rezzies... a week or two before your stay for Mon to Thu meals and maybe a little earlier for weekend slots... some of your restos might be closed on the day of your choice (i.e. the fab Chez Denise is closed Sat + Sun) so have a plan B just in case. La Cuisine de Philippe and Bistro de l'Alycastre are good alternatives in the 6th.

    Oops, almost forget your last night special dinner: Les Climats on the rue de Lille in the 7th.

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      Agree as always with Parnassien.
      FYI there was some discussion here about it last year and I tried unsuccessfully to get a scholarship to go.