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Mar 19, 2014 05:20 AM

Question about Chocolate Room

Any reason to recommend one of the Brooklyn locations over the other?

One factor for me is that I'd be driving in from LI, and whichever one has the less-insane parking (mid-day, probably but not certainly during the week) would be a consideration.

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  1. Fifth Avenue / Park Slope is moving to a different location. Likely still under construction.

    Go with Court Street.

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    1. re: Mike R.

      5th Ave location has a pop-up shop next door to old location. Was just in 3 nights ago. They have only 1 chair because legally can only be retail. We asked for a 2nd chair so we could stay, but they couldn't let us. Looking forward to when their permanent location opens.

    2. Are you going for chocolates? Desserts or both? My only caveat is that if you're going for chocolate cake, I find theirs really mediocre and borderline Betty Crocker.

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      1. re: Pookipichu

        Not for anything specific, just for whatever looked good.

        1. re: Scott_R

          Some alternatives to Chocolate Room, for desserts:


          Bien Cuit

          Four & Twenty Blackbirds


          Cannelle (no ambiance, but such a good value)

          Chocolate Room has a very cute room but I like the chocolate better at other places not to mention desserts. If you go to Baked, Cacao Prieto is really close by. Or Mast Brothers in Williamsburg.

        2. re: Pookipichu

          Really? I think their chocolate cake is really good. Deep chocolate flavor with a moist crumb that's not too sweet. I prefer their cake to Ladybird's blackout.

          Also a fan of their black bottom butterscotch pudding.

          1. re: Miss Needle

            I really don't like the crumb and texture of the chocolate cake at Chocolate Room, I find it cheap like box mix. If you've been to Baked and had their Double Diner Dark, I'm curious what your thoughts are because that's my bar for excellent chocolate cake.

            Also I'm not a fan of Ladybird's blackout cake because they put coffee in it.

            1. re: Pookipichu

              I like the crumb and texture of the cake @ Chocolate Room because they use cake flour -- so it's light and tender.

              I have been to Baked but never had their cakes. Only their cupcakes and other stuff. I do enjoy their cupcakes though.

              Chocolate and coffee? I can't think of a more perfect combo!