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Mar 19, 2014 12:22 AM

Can you make citrus and mint oils by juicing than dehydrating?

I couldn't find any resources online but I want to make "raw" mint and citrus essential oils by juicing the mint and peels first than dehydrating it in my excalibur at 105-110 degrees fht, does anybody know if this would work well?

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  1. So the dehydrator would basically evaporate the water out of the juiced liquid and you think there will be oil left over?

    1. No. The oils will evaporate first.

      Depends on what you want it for, but the only "raw" method of extraction I know of by experience is putting the mint or the peels in oil or fat. The oil draws out the other oils. After a few days, you discard the herbs/peels and add more. Keep repeating until your oil smells like you want it to smell. It won't be a 100 percent pure.

      Or possibly, you could float the mint/peels in some water overnight, and then skim off any oil that rises to the surface. You'll needs lots and lots. I've heard this is one way they used to extract rose oil.

      For the citrus, you could try just squeezing or pressing the oil out -- very time and labor intensive, but essential oils are expensive for a reason.

      I've seen peppermint oil made -- you lower a huge bag of mint into a vat of boiling water. The lid has tubing that diverts the steam. The tube goes through a water bath, and the steam turns to water and oil. Then they separate the oil and water. But, that's not raw.