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Best Kosher Salami beyond mediocre hebrew national

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hebrew national salami just isnt as good as it used to be. the seasoning has been dumbed down. any other suggestions??

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  1. i like the meal mart and international glatt kosher brands. jack's (of facon fame) salami should be good as well, although I don't actually know with any certainty if it is. the charcuterie plate at Prime Grill in Manhattan features a really, really good salami

    1. Hubby likes the ones from Roumanian Sausage Co. In Chicago. They do mail order and have fresh and dried salamis. Zabars has a kosher one that they ship, but he prefers the one from Chicago.

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          Second or should I say triple the recommendation for Romanian Kosher Salami!

        2. I like the one that Trader Joe's sells but it's not overly spicy so you may not. I assume you are not in LA, otherwise you would have gone to Jeff's.

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            Trader Joe's sells kosher salami? is it their own brand or another? I don't think I've ever seen it.

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              I think the brand is called American. OU-Glatt

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                BJ's also sells it----the salami is just passable---but they also carry American Kosher's corned beef and pastrami which are not edible. I noticed that International now has larger globs of fat in its salami !!!!!!!!