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Where to Buy Lox Trimmings in the GTA?

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Lox trimmings are great (and inexpensive!) for things like lox, eggs and onions and homemade lox spread. Anyone know where they sell them?

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  1. Kristapsons is your best bet. Call ahead though, as they run out quickly on weekends.

    Otherwise, Loblaws carry decent ones in 150g containers for $4 or so.

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      Yummy Market. Can be very good and cheap too, but a bit of luck in what you get.
      Don't get more than one package until you have tried one.

      1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

        yes, the yummy market semga tidbits are the best price I've seen around.

      2. re: happycamper

        Thanks HC, I'll give Kristapsons is relatively close so I'll give them a shot.

      3. Kiva's at their Bath/Steeles location certainly sells it. Grew up on the stuff.

        While we're on the topic, I'd need to beat myself up if I didn't mention how bloody easy and inexpensive it is to make lox at home.

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          True. I've cured salmon before, but I don't always have the fridge space and sometimes when the craving hits, you don't want to wait a few days to make some. Plus I have no place to smoke anything.

        2. No Frills has them in the seafood freezer.
          I didn't notice the price.