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Mar 18, 2014 07:03 PM

Piemonte vs. Emilia-Romana

My husband and I are trying to decide between Piemonte and Emilia-Romana for 4 days of our northern/central Italy trip in early August (also visiting Alto-Adige and Florence). We're most interested in the food/wine and are trying to figure out which one might be "better" for our first trip to Italy. Any advice for which region to prioritize? Thanks

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  1. Having been to both, I can say that you can't go wrong with either, but Piemonte is my favorite. The combination of beautiful scenery; charming towns,wonderful food and superb wines are just irresistible.

    Glad to hear you are also going to Alto Adige. A wonderful region that is not on the usual tourist radar.

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      Thanks so much for your recommendations. Based on what I read here, I think Piemonte is going to be the spot.

      Any recommendations for specific towns/restaurants in Alto Adige?

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        Take a look at this thread:

        Farther down in it is a post with my experiences, but there is also much useful info that other posters provided in answer to my initial inquiry.

        This one may also be helpful:

        Note that one poster questioned the possibility of a day trip from Trento to Bolzano. I can safely say it is easy, the roads run mainly through a valley so you are not going up and down winding mountain roads. Beautiful scenery but easy driving.

        These are my reports from Piemonte:

        If our very knowledgeable poster Allende chimes in, I'm sure he will provide up-to-date info on all of these areas, and may be more attuned to what will or will not be open in August.

        By the way, I am assuming you will have a car. If not, getting around by train is much easier in E-R than Piemonte. You can base yourself in one city and take trains to the others.

    2. Here is a post to get you started:

      I would also review posts for each individual region, find restaurants you're interested in visiting, then check availability in August. That may help with your choice.

      I love both and would be hard-pressed to choose, although August would not be my preferred time.

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        This is a great resource, thanks for pointing me in this direction! It made for quite a fun read today. My follow-up question is: Any more info about/recommendations for specific towns in Piemonte from this year? Thanks again!

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          just wondering if you have tried the search engine yet? If you put in Alto Adige in the upper right corner search box of this page you will unearth quite a number of threads that you should enjoy

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            First, I have to confess that I have done relatively little dining in Piemonte. Most of the time we've spent there was visiting friends or traveling with our (then) young children, so we did lots of home dinners, picnics and casual meals. That said, if you want to stay in one central location, with day trips for sightseeing or dining destinations, then Alba is a good base.

            I've been contemplating a fall trip to Piemonte, so I reviewed the following lengthy and detailed post, which you should definitely read for dining ideas: I also checked a few restaurant websites mentioned in that post, specifically Antica Corona Reale da Renzo, L'Osteria del Vignaiolo, and Il Centro. My Italian isn't great, but I saw only the regular weekly closing dates and nothing about the month of August. I think you may need to call upon some local experts (are you there, Allende?) regarding August closings, especially if fine dining is your goal.

            I hope this is helpful.

        2. I hadn't noticed it is in August. Be sure to check for restaurant closings, and make sure you stay in an air-conditioned hotel.

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            Unless you are out on the Adriatic Coast, Emilia-Romagnia can be VERY hot & humid in August. I am not sure the weather in Piemonte is likely to be any more pleasant.

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              Piemonte would probably be less humid, at least, though even when we were there at the end of September it was quite warm during the day.

          2. the food is great in E-R but we felt (based on visits in late June/July) that its pretty rich fare for optimal enjoyment in hot, humid summer weather - maybe it would be worth heading for the coast (Adriatic or Ligurian) for a bit of contrast and seafood. E-R is not a major wine region, but of course the fine wines of other regions will be available in most of the good restaurants.

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              @ rrems


              We'll be spending a lot of April, May and the first half of June in La Mora and have a lot of new (for us) places to try. This will be in addition to our Piemonte favorites e.g. Bardon, Priocca, Veglio, La Torre, Da Renzo etc.

              Will report on all of them, good or bad, and I'll see what I can gather about openings in August.

            2. Piedmonte for the wine; Emila-Romana for the food