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Mar 18, 2014 06:42 PM

Claibourne-ish mystery places - any thoughts/experiences?

I got a shortlist of places I've been meaning to try which may or may not be special Chowhound finds (for some reason my Chow-radar is up on all of these - could be wrong). Before I start to cross them off my list, any thoughts on these places?:

Crump Seafood (S. Claibourne)
Fred's BBQ (also S. Claibourne)
Little Korea
Russell's Marina
Ideal Market (the many locations - something tells me there could be some real chowhounding to do in this place)

Would love to hear from the real 'hounds out there.

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  1. No "u" in Claiborne.
    --Little Korea gets mixed reviews; NOLA only has 1 other Korean place, so the competition's not exactly stiff.
    --Ideal Market has interesting stuff on the hot lunch/takeout/steam table line. It's decent food.
    --Russell's Marina grill: okay for breakfast/brunch; haven't had any other meals there in years.

    Add Norma's Sweets on Bienville to your list--seems like the sort of place you might like, if you're seeking lower-priced, no-frills, ethnic. Info on the mid-city Norma's:

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    1. re: Hungry Celeste

      Norma’s is a good call. They don’t have a lot of pre-made food, but their Cuban sandwich, empanadas and tamales are very good. Ideal is authentic and Mexicans line up all day for their food, but I’ve never had anything that great there. Been to Little Korea a few times and it’s pretty good, but like Hungry said, there’s not much to compare it to. It’s better than any of the Chinese food we have Uptown. I live right by C&A Seafood on Earhardt and they do decent boiled seafood if that’s your thing, but stay away from their Chinese food.

      1. re: shanefink

        Thank you! I will definitely check out Norma's - I also live right by C&A and I think they got a pretty decent YakaMien - and they are really nice folks!

    2. I feel the same about Little Korea. I've had a couple good meals and a couple disappointments.

      I like the lunches at Ideal because they're decent, cheap, and enough for 2-3 meals.

      Not on Claiborne, but have you tried Eat Well at Canal and Broad? Decent Vietnamese standards if you're in the neighborhood.

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      1. re: uptownlibrarian

        Ah Eat Well! I pass that all the time and only went in once to by some Zapp's - Got to try that...

        I'm a frequent reader of chowhound but a novice poster, so I'm thrilled that this post got the attention of the venerable Uptown L. and Hungry C.! Thanks for all your past guidance...

        Reports to follow...

        1. re: s1gna7

          Did u just call me an old lady? (jk)
          If you drive by Eat Well frequently, you're a short hop from Gracious Bakery on Jeff Davis, Pizzicare on Tulane, and Avery's Poboys, also on Tulane:

          1. re: s1gna7

            Geez, what do I have to do to get a little respect around here?

            1. re: shanefink

              Oh geez, I'm screwin' up royally on my virgin posting!

              HC: Did I say "venerable"? I meant "vivacious"!

              And shanefink, i got nothing but respect for ya...

              Thanks for the new tips - this is like the old chowhound, where people are actually looking for new stuff! (like the arepa lady in Queens...)

              1. re: s1gna7

                If you can remember the old chowhound, then you're the venerable's not just me. RE: new/interesting in your general area of mid-city, have you ever been to the BestLife Pharmacy & Restaurant? At the corner of Tulane & Broad, catty corner from the courthouse. The name intrigues me, but I've never been inside.

                1. re: Hungry Celeste

                  I went by there and thought "I've not had any business around here..maybe I can drum some up and try the place." And I just saw a friend on Monday who has regular clients at that intersection: shoulda asked him.

                  1. re: Hungry Celeste

                    Mini-report: Made it to Norma's today and had EXCELLENT pupusas (chicharron, bean and cheese) which came with a really nice, fresh pico de gallo and a slightly mild hot sauce. I also got Cuban sandwich which was also incredible - really, maybe the best cubano I've ever had - and I used to go to El Margon in midtown Manhattan which 15-20 years ago was the real deal (fallen off a bunch since, and woulnd't highly recommend anymore) and a great cubano. I also got a pastel with guava and cheese - also a great, fresh treat - not too sweet and very flaky.

                    Overall, an excellent 'Hound find - Thank you all....

                    Going to try Ideal and Avery's this weekend. And I biked past BestLife - truly strange but that means we gotta try it...

          2. Ideal market for inexpensive fresh produce. Skip the low quality beef.