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Mar 18, 2014 06:18 PM

Asian Legend in Lansdale

My friend and I grabbed something to go here, Mi Xao Don Chay (stir fry noodles with vegetables) and we liked it a lot. It was just the thing to cheer us up after a miserable experience trying and failing to buy something at Best Buy. We will be back to dine in. It is in the old Saigon location.

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  1. LOL I was confused by your title.. I thought it was some great chef doing a special dinner rather than the name of a new restaurant.

    Thanks for the great recommendation, and is this a dish you have ordered at other Vietnamese restaurants?

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    1. re: cwdonald

      Heh. No we are noobs at this cuisine. But they included two pairs of chopsticks in our to go bag without us having to ask.

    2. I heard that it's the same owner, with a partner now
      we hadn't been to Saigon in a while before they closed... the food quality was falling off and the service was getting really bad
      also (I hate to say this) but the owner would make us feel so GUILTY every time we saw him if we hadn't been to the restaurant in a while.
      just checked some other reviews

      looks like they still have most of our old faves, but no fish in clay pot? :-(
      Thanks Carbs, will be there to check it out soon

      1. Good authentic Chinese food. Apparently the cook is formerly from Sang Kee. From the taste of the food, it's a believeable claim. I had the Hong Kong Style Noodle Soup (egg noodles) w/ shrimp dumplings & roast duck. Others at the table had Grilled Beef w/ broken rice and Deluxe Pan Fried Noodles (chow fun). The grilled beef was very tender and flavorful. The pan fried noodles had that critical "wok hei". Reasonable prices. Service was pleasant.

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        1. re: SnowCat

          Almost ended up there last night again SnowCat. But the lure of poutine at Guppy's was too much. Plus five dollar guinness. Soon though, and now I will know what to order. Thanks for the recs.

                1. re: dndicicco

                  I am guessing that it would be rather tough because the pho broth is heavily in meat. If the broth has to be made vegetarian, then I think it will taste quiet different, and then probably not a lot of people will order it.

                  Other vegetarian dishes are easier to make, and can be made on the fly, like tofu summer rolls.

                  1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                    So I was there yesterday, and it was fantastic. The service is spot on for an Asian restaurant, and they're very pleasant. They really seem to be emphasizing the Hong Kong cuisine, as that's been relatively recently added and probably sells much better than Vietnamese.

                    I did do "vegetarian" pho, but since I'm not strict and eat fish and meat once in a blue moon, I did not mind the meat-based broth. The pho was delicious, perfect mix of spices and almost sweetness. Rice noodles were thin and cooked perfectly for me, a little on the al dente side, not a big soggy clump of starch. I thought they could have added a few more veggies, but the bean sprouts and jalapenos always make me smile.

                    Their summer rolls were delicious, too, but quite flavorful. I went with a General-Tso type DP and he was weirded out with the Vietnamese flavors and preferred the chicken-based dishes. (I made him try some of my orders.)

                    Around the lunch hour they had about 4 tables going at a time, but this during a horrendous downpour so that may have affected traffic. I noticed quite a few Asian customers; probably a good sign.

                    1. re: dndicicco


                      Thanks for the wonderful review. Yeah, a nice bowl of Pho should be a bit on the al dente side. I always love a couple of summer rolls.

                      <I went with a General-Tso type DP >

                      What is a DP? Dear Person?

                      1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                        Dining Partner

                        Personally I prefer FF (Fellow Foodie), but I guess that wouldn't work in the General Tso's context.

                        1. re: PhillyBestBYOB

                          Ah. Thanks. While General Tso is not an authentic Chinese dish, it has been merged into slightly higher end restaurant, so it has been refined for many decades now. Not my favor dish, but it is not looked down upon like the infamous egg rolls or fried wonton skin with sweet and sour sauce.


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                            This reminds me of a completely tangental note. I think it'd be awesome for someone to open up a Japanese restaurant that is geared entirely to the Chinese consumer's palette. I suspect it'd go over well in Philly.

                            I'm a very big Japanese omakase and kaiseki fan, and can't help but notice that the high-end Chinese families that sometimes frequent these restaurants veer toward a certain, delectable selection of Japanese food. E.g., instead of eschewing salmon as do the Japanese, the Chinese consumers seem to embrace it. By far the highlight seems to be the fried amaebi heads (I agree, outstanding), and of course some obvious choices such as soba noodles are a favorite, too. There's less of an emphasis on silver fish, with which I anticipate many Americans (unfortunately) would agree.

                            1. re: dndicicco


                              I agree that, generally speaking, Chinese have a different palette than Japanese. I think you have hit it on the nail in mentioning fried amaebi, soba noodle, ramen noddle.

                              That being said, isn't it true that many (most really) Japanese restaurants in Philly are operated by ethnic Chinese and Korean already? I suspect these restaurants already are gearing toward Chinese and Japanese -- more or less.

                              I know the Ramen Shop Terakawa in Philly is gear toward Chinese for example.

                              1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                                I was thinking that, but they're never high end. It's always fake wasabi, not high-quality fish, 50% wheat "soba" noodles, etc., I'd like it taken to a haute level. :)

                              2. re: dndicicco

                                You wrote that you're a big fan of omakase and kaiseki. Could you recommend a restaurant in the Philadelphia area that offers a traditional kaiseki meal? Thank you!

              1. I think it has gone way downhill. Saigon on Main was floundering and a new name has not improved matters. Service is nervous and uptight and the food is mediocre at best.