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Nov 12, 2002 11:43 PM

where to buy small kitchen appliances in Montreal?

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I need to get several small kitchen appliances such as a coffee maker, blender, toaster, etc., as well as a few utensils. What is the best store to get such items in Montreal? Thank you for your help.

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  1. Ares. Plan to spend an afternoon.


    1. Ares is great if you have a car.

      You'll find the best prices at Zeller's, Canadian Tire and Sears. Very little in the way of upscale equipment, though. The Bay is more expensive and stocking is uneven but sometimes they'll surprise you. Benix in the Faubourg Ste-Catherine has quite a bit of stuff at pretty good prices; no appliances, though. Head to one of the larger shopping centres to hit two or more birds with one stone; for example, Rockland has the Bay, a Stokes and a couple of non-chain kitchen implement stores.

      Quincaillerie Dante on the corner of Dante and St-Dominique in Little Italy has some appliances (it's where I got my Cuisinart and pasta machine) and lots of pots, pans, untensils and other neat stuff.

      A few more high-end kitchen supply stores: La Soupière on Ste-Catherine just west of Guy. Artur Quintin on St-Denis between Roy and Duluth. And three on Laurier West: La Maison d'Émilie between Querbes and Durocher; La Cornue (I think) between Park and Hutcheson; and a new one, whose name I don't recall, on the south side of the street in the general vincinty of Anise and Le Club des Pins (west of St-Urbain).

      If you're thinking about a Mr. Coffee-type coffee maker, you might want to check out some of the information and warnings on coffee enthusiast websites. (In a nutshell, the water temperature on most models is way below optimum, which makes for a sour brew.) For example, at Coffee Geek (link below), check the Consumer Reviews section for a slew of ratings, but also the News & Info section for a review (and discussion of some coffee-machine issues) of the impressive Capresso MT500 and the Detailed Reviews section for some vacuum and drip brewers. You can find Braun/Krups/etc. systems at many of the stores mentioned above. For fancier machines, look under "café" in the French section of the Yellow Pages or head to Little Italy (Quincaillerie Dante, which has stove-top espresso pots, or one of several specialized shops, the best of which is probably Café Union on Jean Talon). Coffee roasters Brûlerie St-Denis and Les Deux Marie have a small selection of coffee equipment like french press pots. Many U.S. Starbuck's outlets offer a small range of good basic equipment (vacuum pots, grinders, etc.); don't know if the Canadian ones do but it might be worth checking out.


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        does anyone know the name of a tableware/kitchen store just down the street from artur quintin, on the same side of the street on st. denis. they sell much more basic stuff but i need to get a hold of them and cannot remember the name of the store.

        thank you