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Mar 18, 2014 01:15 PM

Electric Grill Suggestions?

The weather is getting warmer and my thoughts are turning to quick dinners on the grill. My condo does not allow gas or charcoal so I'm stuck with something electric. Any suggestions?

I have this:

Is there a reason why I couldn't just plop this on a table and use it outside? My gripe with this (I'm willing to trade up!) is that you can't really set the temperature. I would like something outdoors that maybe I can leave out there all winter or bring inside occasionally for use. Something small but has variable temps, can get really scorching hot, and I'm also considering a rotisserie attachment for it.

Can anybody point me the right way?

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  1. Our condo association has the same rule. They never enforced it but now they do. These are the electric grills we are looking at for this summer:!