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Looking for a place to host 15 people for informal biz clients

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Want to avoid fine dining but great food. Obvioulsy we need a place that takes reservations bc of the size of the group. Walking distance to North Water Street would be great.

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  1. First of all, just in case I'm not the only Chicagoan who was not immediately familiar with North Water Street, it's the name of the east-west street just north of the river, east of Michigan Avenue. The Sheraton Chicago that's just across the river from the Hyatt Regency is located at North Water Street and Columbus Drive. Perhaps the OP's group is staying at the Sheraton.

    With that size group, you would probably be better off reserving a private dining room, rather than sitting in the main dining room. This is something you should discuss with the restaurant. You can also take a look at the Opentable listing of private party venues at www.opentable.com/info/banquets.aspx?m=3 which shows the size of private rooms at many of their listed restaurants. You can also often find information about private rooms on the restaurants' own websites, often under a link labeled "parties" or "events".

    You'll find more tips for arranging meals in private dining rooms in the discussion at www.chow.com/topics/799823

    Some of the best non-fine-dining restaurants within walking distance of the Sheraton, places with great food that I would be targeting for your group, include:

    Emilio's Sol y Nieve (tapas) - www.emiliostapas.com
    Aria (Asian fusion) - www.ariachicago.com
    Bandera (American) - www.hillstone.com/#/restaurants/bandera
    Sayat Nova (Armenian) - www.sayatnovachicago.com
    Sable (contemporary small plates) - www.sablechicago.com
    Quartino (Italian small plates) - www.quartinochicago.com
    Atwood (contemporary American) - www.atwoodcafe.com

    The first two of these are the closest (within two blocks), while the others are 6-10 blocks away, still walkable but obviously further. My top picks would be Sol y Nieve if you want to keep it close, Sable if you want the very best food.

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      I take my team (8 to 14 people) to Quartino all the time. it's perfect for bigger groups and its not "bust-out" expensive even if you start over ordering.