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Nov 11, 2002 11:01 AM

Carswell rocks!

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I just recently started reading the Montreal postings (I'm usually on the generic Canada board). What a pleasant bunch of people!

Who is this Carswell character? He/she is a fount of knowledge, and I am astounded.

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  1. My friend and I both think Carswell rocks too! He must eat out every night of the week, he's been to so many places! Does he have unfufilled dreams of being a food critic, or does he just want us all to eat well????....we may never know....

    1. I just stopped by even though our trip to Montreal is long over. I have to agree, Carswell and some other "regulars" on this board were just incredibly helpful to me! So hi to you all; and again, thank you/merci beaucoup for all your help!!! Next year, who knows, if all is well, maybe we'll head back to Canada again. Though if we do, we hope to also visit Ottawa or Quebec City as well as Montreal--we go by train, but both seem do-able sandwiched between a Montreal trip. However, my dream of also visiting Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island seems a lot more difficult, at least by train! By I love checking out the possibilities of trains, buses, ferries. . . .