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Mar 18, 2014 12:31 PM

Notting Hill Pubs - Reservations?

I am taking my first trip to London in May, and will be staying in the Notting Hill neighborhood. Looking into pubs in the area I've come across a couple of websites, for The Mall Tavern in particular, which have the option to make a reservation. Are reservations typically necessary, or should I have no trouble just stopping in?

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  1. The Mall Tavern gets very busy on many nights- especially Thurs though Sat. On most nights you may be still fine walking in if you want to eat very early (6) or very late (9.30) but if you want to guarantee a table at a popular time I would advise booking.

    Not sure where else you are looking at but in general that advise will hold; however, the Mall is particularly popular so in other places you may be okay.

    1. If its worth going to its worth booking. Quality in London is popular (and not as common as some think) so its worth both doing some research and planning.

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        I always work to the basis that, if a place takes reservations, then I reserve - even those places where I know there's always tables free.

      2. It's not a pub but they sell beer and wine and serve great fish. Geale's on Farmer Street - just a very short walk from Notting Hill Gate Tube

        1. If it's a pub, it doesn't take reservations.

          If it takes reservations, it isn't a pub.

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            I really don't know where you get that from. Plenty of pubs that do food take reservations and they are proper pubs i.e. The Bull & Last in Highgate.

            I thinks its rare for a good food pub not to take reservations these days, I lived in Somerset and I wouldn't head out to a country boozer for a big Sunday lunch without a booking or I would not have eaten