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Mar 18, 2014 12:04 PM

Boneyard in uptown

Has anyone been yet? The menu looks like yardbird's in Miami which I just loved

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    1. re: gildeddawn

      Hmm. I was hoping this would be an honest to goodness southern restaurant. I was a bit dismayed when the Heavy Table review stated that the "fried chicken" was actually breaded chicken strips aka chicken fingers. I may not be the foremost expert on southern cuisine, but even I know that chicken fingers are not fried chicken. A troubling introduction.

      The reviews below give me further pause....

    2. Exceedingly mediocre...typical Kaskaid/Crave fare. Looks like a more expensive Southern-themed Applebees. I didn't have the bar set super high, but they over-Minnesota'd the flavors. It could be good. I'll probably go back and plow my way through the sides, which looked like they had more promise.

      1. So went for late night which is not a great indicator of what the total menu looks like but there are a few things to take away.

        hush puppies: Both the regular and the crab had a texture of sand as well as a flavor of old oil.

        The Fried Chicken on the late night menu was 3 F'ing chicken strips. There is no mention of this on the menu.

        Chicken fried ribs: all the breading fell off. Then, the meat was almost impossible to get off the bone. This came with a "Carolina Gold" sauce that traditionally should be a mustard/vinegar sauce in the SC/GA style but this was I'm pretty sure honey mustard from a sysco truck.

        Cottage Fries "Poutine" just not good. There was brisket apparently, some nondescript pulled meat was on there, and the mozzarella like cheese had all melted and pooled on the bottom of the bowl. The "fries" are more like potato chips that have pooled all the grease on top of them, and over baked maybe? while the bottom side was undercooked. And there were eggs on there for some reason.

        The grilled chicken wings were the tastiest thing I ate but the butchery sucked so the bone structure was weird. Like one little bone nubbin where the wing tip would have been was sticking out, making it hard to eat.

        The pimento cheese was tasty but c'mon. The biscuit that I think it was supposed to go on was scone like and rock hard.

        There was more. But I'll try them again and see if they fixed anything.

        1. Went last night and it was good, but not amazing. I was hoping for a great southern food location in Minneapolis and this isn't it, but they have some tasty stuff. And I'm happy to find a good collard green in the cities.

          Great: chicken and biscuits; chicken and waffles (these are chicken strips, while the fried chicken is bone-in, go figure), collard greens; cornbread; beans w/burnt ends; pork chop; deviled eggs

          OK: fried chicken (sort of flavorless without the hot sauce that comes with it); drinks (good concepts but mostly too sweet); mac and cheese (the peppers give it a kick, but it's mostly bland)

          Not good: cole slaw was completely bland

          The service was really fast and attentive. We arrived during happy hour and were seated in the dining area, near the bar. When we asked about HH specials, we were told that HH only applies to the bar and high-top tables near the bar. This is one of my biggest pet peeves with bar/restaurants. Especially when they tout a HH on their website but make NO MENTION of that little disclaimer. We debated whether to move to the bar area, and the server decided to check with the manager. He came back and said apparently they were allowing HH throughout the restaurant, and apologized for not knowing that. So I think in that aspect, they need to figure things out. But the server was really knowledgeable about the menu and those items that he recommended were the ones we liked best.