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Seven Brunch Reservations, Please help me pick one!

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I've never asked for help before on my NYC reservations but am now relying on your expertise to help me pick a restaurant. My husband and I will be in the city for a quick trip next weekend. We go up there about 3-4 times a year, and I typically obsess over each restaurant for every meal. We love good food and are not constrained by budget. The restaurants I normally pick are a mix of new/memorable food/good scene(as in great people-watching)/great ambiance. Given we are there only a handful of times each year, I don't like to repeat a restaurant unless it was mind-blowingly good or has sentimental value to us.

Funny that I am having such a hard time with Saturday brunch this go-round. Perhaps it's because this is the first trip in a long time that we will not have our toddler with us. This is going to be a very boozy brunch followed by shopping. Here's what I have lined up; I greatly appreciate your opinion!

ABC Kitchen (11:00 am, too early. I think we will cxl)
Sant Ambroeus West Village (This scores higher for people-watching than food)
Telepan Local
Hundred Acres
Le Philosophe
August (in the greenhouse area, higher points for ambiance than food)
The Butterfly

If this information helps shape your recommendation, here are the other restaurants I have booked:
Fri dinner - Charlie Bird
Sat dinner - Betony or Perla (need to cxl one; opinions welcome here also!)
Sun brunch - Locanda Verde (have only had dinner there; heard brunch is awesome)

Let me know if there's any additional info I can provide. Look forward to hearing your thoughts, and thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. I agree with others. Making all these reservations is irresponsible. It's just one brunch; do you really need to obsess so badly about it? To answer your question, I have never been to any of those restaurants so I cannot help with your brunch decision.

    I have been to Locanda Verde for brunch though; the food was good but the service was horrible. Have never been back.

    1. Thank you all for your responses. Let me clarify a few things - 1) Yes, I am referring to next weekend, a week-and-a-half out as opposed to this coming weekend. 2) I made all these reservations in a span of 45 minutes just prior to posting here, and it actually didn't prove to be difficult. 3) I have cancelled three reservations since my original post. The intent is to whittle it down to 1 this afternoon; was wanting to get some opinions here to expedite the process. Thanks.

      1. Of all your choices, ABC Kitchen is by far the best. Haven't been to Telepan Local or Le Philosophe, but Hundred Acres and The Butterfly are mediocre, August is too (and the greenhouse area was like a humid den with terribly uncomfortable chairs when I went).

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          Thank you; that is extremely helpful. Unfortunately, I had to cancel ABC Kitchen because the only available time was earlier than I had hoped. The first time we dined there was amazing, and furniture shopping after some wine is always fun.

        2. Folks, we know that holding and then cancelling multiple reservations is not a popular practice around here, but we'd ask that people please not respond to take the original poster to task for that. If you have advice on which reservation to keep, that's great, but otherwise we'd really ask that you skip this thread. Thanks.