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Mar 18, 2014 11:14 AM

Help with vegetarian restaurants in Paris

Does anyone have a personal recommendation for a vegetarian restaurant in Montmartre, for a special birthday celebration please?

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  1. I'm waiting for Parigi to reply to this one !

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      I just spit out my Chartreuse jaune on the computer screen.

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        So I can take off my protective gear now ?

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        I know of only one vegetarian restaurant in Montmartre, Au Grain De Folie on the ultra hip rue La Vieuville. The interior is not overwhelmingly inviting and is so narrow the restaurant turns away average size diners (Euroepan women's size 38 upwards and outwards). The exterior is marginally improved since the days when it had an astro-turf rug thing under the one outside table. Does not project festive good vegetarian food. Then again I had never thought I would ever write those 4 words together.

      3. The Happy Cow app lists many vegetarian/vegetarian friendly/vegan possibilities for Paris, even though the basic idea might seem risible to some. I've found Happy Cow to be pretty reliable.

        1. Ignoring the previous answers:
          1. Have you done a search here? And on other discredited sites?
          2. Have you Googled vegetarian Paris or 75018?
          Because as a denizen of the Mont, I've not encountered any such here in 35 years, except the Thai and Indian joints around the corner that I don't think are suitable.
          But for a blow-out vegetarian Birthday, trek over to Parigi's beloved 7th to L'Astrance; Passard grows his own, sometimes oversalts but will be schmoozing with you so much you won't notice.

          1. I seem to remember that the cutesy Patio Provençal on the rue des Dames offers enough vegetarian options to contrive an entire meal... off the rue des Lévis in the 17th and not Montmartre but easy enough to get to from the 18th... and not a dedicated veggie resto.

            1. Does it need to be Montmartre? Paris is quite a small city so its easy to travel to other quarters.

              Some thoughts: Maceo has always had a good vegetarian serf menu in a very grand room. Le Cinq (a board fave) now has a vegetarian menu, its a very grand dining room. So both these would suit a special celebration - Maceo is the best priced.

              David Toutain's new restaurant is very avant-garde and pretty special. He doesn't list a vegetarian menu but I suspect his heritage with Passard means a quick call could arrange a veggie special.

              I think there are a lot more options than there used to be - probably best to avoid veggie only places as they are often lack charisma - so just look at normal restaurants and check their veggie options.