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Mar 18, 2014 10:52 AM

Big news on Scout - Toptable Group has been sold to the Aquilinis

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  1. So, with Rogers Arena having canned their U.S. concession operators, and with apparently "new and exciting" food purveyors to replace them is this part of it?

    Does the beloved Kibune, who have been long-time sushi suppliers to the swanky boxes get the boot as well in favor of Blue Water?

    1. Up Next-John Tortorella coming to a dish pit near you.

      1. Very interesting. I still don't see any of those restaurants changing much as they all are at the top of their game. Nor can I see them putting in little Blue Water sushi bars at Rogers Arena. It would completely degrade their brand. I definitely see them using the restaurants as an asset when putting together the foodservice teams. Most of the previous Aramark employees will be hired back by the Aquilini's, they just want to cut out Aramark. What are the chances we see a reduction in beer prices with their savings?