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Mar 18, 2014 10:09 AM

*Live Crawfish* for Boiling at Home!

The other thread veered off into restaurants. This thread is for live. So when you see crawfish at Fiesta or something, note the price and post that here. Also boiling methods and any other items related. Of course, boiling methods strictly related how we do it here in Austin.

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  1. Stuffed just sent this:

    The catch is beginning to increase and we finally had a little price break. Not much of one but we are finally headed in the right direction. We are getting washed crawfish but they are not yet graded. The farmers hope to start grading in the next week or two.

    Live crawfish by the 30 lb sack:

    Call or stop by one of our stores to place an order for the weekend. We will not be bringing in any extras.

      1. re: James Cristinian

        amysue - I'll grade the critters in my backyard. That seems to be a huge price break, but that sack will be $154. That will feed 15 people for ten buck each or 8 cajuns for 20.

        James - exactly like everyone else! No, I didn't want the mods to shut that part of the conversation down and move to home cooking or something. So, inasmuch as we can, if we're talking about methods, rigs, and all, talk about places in Austin. For example, I like to put oranges in my boil, I get the oranges at HEB at Burnet and Koenig.

        1. re: rudeboy

          The Cajun boil at Nates in Dallas (Addison) is really spicy. Regular and nuclear. Regular is plenty of heat for me. Today they are on special for $6.99/lb, tomorrow they return to $7.99.

          1. re: Veggo

            I have no problem with spicness, but when the heat overpowers the crawfish taste, then it's too spicy.

      2. Stuffed is selling them for $4.75/lb. They said they are expecting prices to fall in the near future. That's good news!

        1. Ordered 60lbs yesterday from Stuffed. $4.25/lb. That's about the same price they were last year.

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          1. re: Sweet_Cheeks

            OK, just post the address and we'll all be there!