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Nov 10, 2002 03:15 PM

italian restaurants in montreal- suggestions please

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Does anyone have any recommendations or any favorite Italian restaurants? If so what are they?

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  1. You can find good Italian restaurants pretty much everywhere in this city, but I'll suggest one that rarely comes up in conversations: Il Boccalini. It's not centrally located - 1408, rue de l'Église in Saint-Laurent - but it is worth it. Take the metro orange line to Du Collège station, walk a couple of blocks north on Décarie (this stretch is full of interesting restaurants), then turn right on de l'Église. Il Boccalini is on the corner of St-Germain, across the St-Laurent public library. Otherwise, parking is easy in the street.

    The food is great and served in big portions. They have a killer seafood linguini plate and a fabulous marinated salmon appetizer.

    Service is friendly and efficient. The place is cozy, but it tends to be noisy as the night wears on. They have a good wine list, but few choices if you only want a glass. For two people, it should not cost you more than $100, wine, tax and service included.

    1. We have two favorites to add....
      Da Attilio On St. Laurent, above Fairmount and Dante's on Rue Dante, near the end of the street on the left hand side.

      1. All little italy:

        "Quelli Della Notte", "Il Mulino", "Lucca" and "Primo and Secundo".

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          What about the Plateau area? What are your thoughts about those restaurants?