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Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Help! I'm organizing a reception in 12 days. The guest of honor requested a platter of cabbage rolls (stuffed with ground beef). Can anyone recommend a caterer, deli, or take-out in the Great Boston to Metro-west area? Thanks

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    1. I think the Russian Groceries would do this: Baza, Bazaar, Berezka.

      1. Sevan has delicious stuffed cabbage rolls. I think the meat and rice ones may be ground lamb though.

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          How could I forget. Arax' are awesome.

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            Funny since I was wondering how I could have forgotten about Polonia.

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            I think those are stuffed grape leaves, not cabbage, from Sevan. We actually had a platter of those for our wedding (rice ones, no meat). They rock!

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              Sevan has both stuffed cabbage and stuffed grape leaves. both with or without meat. I get both regularly. And, they are equally delicious.

          3. They were on the specials menu at Cafe Barada (Lebanese) in Cambridge last night. I didn't try them, though.

            1. Cafe Polonia's stuffed cabbage is to die for.

              1. I'll second Cafe Polonia, or if Worcester's an option, you might try Polka Restaurant. The galubke (Polish cabbage rolls) at either place are terrific.

                Note that Polka Restaurant doesn't answer their phone, ever, so you'd have to stop by in person.

                1. cafe polonia is up the street from me. check them out.

                  1. Reuben's and Zaftigs have them on their menus.

                    1. Fuzzbudget, this may be out of your desired commute range, but Korbani's bakery in Methuen has excellent cabbage rolls (and both vegetarian and meat stuffed grape leaves).

                      1. Yes, all Russian stores make them and they are actually pretty good. They will pack them for you in aluminum foil trays. I am sure it will be a much better deal too.

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                          Thanks for the suggestions. I bought them from Bazaar West. They were stuffed with chickenand rice and topped off with a thin tomato-carrot sauce. Many guests remarked how delicious they were and the guest of honor loved them.

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                            that's great! Just wondering what style they were, as well as some of the others. Cuz, aren't there different types like some more sweet and some more savory? I grew up with them with raisins and sour salt and brown sugar, but others like less sweet with green peppers and rice mixed in .. Probably depends on what country or culture they are from.. I assume Zaftigs and Reubens are sweet...