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Mar 18, 2014 08:46 AM

Visiting Vancouver for a few days Next Week

My wife and I are flying in for a few days (Wed, Mr.26 to Mon, Mr.30) staying at the Delta Suites on W. Hastings.

Looking for suggestions in that area.

We both enjoy good, interesting food accompanied by similar wine but sadly my "significantly better half" does not eat fish.

From reviewing past posts L'Abbatoir seems a good bet particularly since it is walking distance from the hotel.

We won't have a car but more than prepared to take rapid transit or a taxi if necessary.

We have good friends in North Van but would rather stay around the Lonsdale Quay area rather than Dundarave for ease of access via the sea taxi.


BobMac Edmonton

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  1. Yes you'll want to try L'Abbitoir.
    There really is quite a lot of variety within walk / cab distance.
    Are you looking primarily for dinner and wine places?
    Salt Tasting room for cheese / charcuterie in an interesting setting,
    Sardine Can .... To give you a few ideas.
    You might want to try an izakaya such as Hapa.
    You mentioned Lonsdale Quay.
    There's a new brewery that just opened. You can grab some bites from the market and sit and have a beer.
    But you might get some better ideas if you narrowed it down a bit.

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    1. re: jmil

      If your friends can accompany you (or drive you) to just west of Ambleside, there's La Regalade:

      1. re: LotusRapper

        Tuc Craft Kitchen might be worth a look in for brunch or dinner.

        Revolver has excellent coffee. Across the street is Meat and Bread for an exemplary porchetta sandwich but go at off hours to avoid lineups.

        jmil, have you been to Notturno since it changed hands? I ask because I haven't.

        1. re: grayelf

          I wasn't aware they changed hands. It's been a while since my last visit, so probably not.

          1. re: grayelf

            Here's Mia Stainsby's review of Tuc with a picture to give you a little more information about the place:


            1. re: Anne M

              Returned yesterday from a few days in Vancouver....too bad Monday was the sunniest and driest day of the lot.

              Left a combined list of suggestions with our friends but could not get into L'Abbatoir for 8 weeks and others did not fit for various reasons....friend not a big fan of the area surrounding the Army Navy store...LOL

              Had a nice dinner upon arrival at Tableau...enjoyed the first of the season halibut preceded by some vino at Joey's wine bar.

              Did wander down to TUC for lunch where I had the beef brisket and pork belly sandwich and my wife thought the lightly tempura batter dipped parsnips were terrific. Nice friendly staff. Would be a regular if we lived on the coast.

              Thanks again all.

              1. re: Bob Mac

                Eep, that's a long wait for L'abb. Glad you got to do a few spots after all.

      2. Downtown Side, close to seabus:
        L'Abattoir, TUC, Chambar, Meat and Bread (porchetta a must, go after 2pm), Alibi Room (Craft beer, decent food) Nuba (Lebanese food), Pourhouse (great burger, solid overall food) Bonus - The Diamond for some great cocktails.

        North Van near seabus:
        Sushi Bella, The District (Belgian food/drinks, good atmosphere), Pier 7 and Raglans (Both are mediocre)

        1. Thank you All.

          Have a number of suggestions to bring along with us.