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Mar 18, 2014 08:33 AM

60th Wedding Anniversary

Looking for a nice place to celebrate parents 60 wedding anniversary. Our immediate family numbers 50 people including 10 kids under the age of 11. All suggestions are appreciated.

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  1. Go to Hei La Moon for dim sum right at 8:30am when the open and stake out a corner.

    1. Not sure what your price range is, but Oleana hosts private events during the day for up to 50 people.

      1. What area are you looking in?

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        1. re: pemma

          Boston, Brookline, West Roxbury, Dedham area.

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            Al Wadi (Lebanese) is right on the West Roxbury/Dedham/Brookline border and might fit the bill. A nice big open room that feels kind of like a function hall, and they do events

            You can get plain kebabs and rice for any picky eaters, and it's easy in-and-out with its own parking lot if this is important for the older members of the family.

            Obviously not a fit if this isn't your parents' style of food, though.

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              Are you open to both lunch and dinner? I'm thinking that a number of good bistros are only open for dinner, and might take you for lunch. And same question but- Monday. Many bistros are closed on Mondays and might take you then.

          2. We went through a similar quest not too long ago but for only 30 people. We also had some kids in addition to vegans and various fussy eaters. So I guess I would ask about what type of atmosphere, price range and menu you are thinking about. Do the kids require things like pizza and mac and cheese or will they be fine with more diverse offerings?

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              No fussy eaters just one glueten free. Not looking for pub type food, more classy but affordable.

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                You could give a call to Lineage, Brasserie Joe, Eastern Standard, Marliave, Rialto, Elephant Walk and Gaslight in Boston/ Cambridge. I believe they all are used to working with groups of that size and most have private rooms. Not sure what affordable is for you, and 50 people is a lot. Hope this helps.

                We ended up using a room at my parents' hotel and getting it catered with some delicious pizza for the kids. It worked out really well but was different- very low key and totally fun with no problems at all. We got two gorgeous cakes (one vegan) and enjoyed playing some family games, etc.

                1. re: mvi

                  I thought the same thing, using private room at hotel. We did that with a family reunion-esque party and it was great. Something for everyone, no worries about the kids making noise or getting restless. Can be as casual or high end as you want it.

            2. Size wise, Sofia - the Italian steak house in Dedham - might work for you. The atmosphere is upscale, and I'd give the food a solid B.

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                We did this for mom's 80th and it worked out very well.