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Mar 18, 2014 07:51 AM

Must Eat Restaurants in Piemonte

Hey Guys,

Ended up deciding on a trip to Piemonte for 3/27-3/31. We will be staying at the Palazzo Rigihini in Fossano. In your opinion, what are the must eat restaurants in Piemonte? We are going to try the restaurant in Palazzo Righini (Antiche Volte) and Ristorante Antica Corona Reale thus far.

Looking forward to your suggestions.


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  1. Have you done a search for past discussions on this board? There have been several threads on dining in Piemonte. Here is a lengthy one from this past fall.

    1. As noted, Allende is the resident expert on Piemonte herein. As noted in a post last fall, we were in the region for five days in October. I think you are making the right choice with a stop at Antica Corona da Renzo, but you also need to experience some of the restaurants that are a bit more casual. Start with a visit (or two) to da Bardon near San Marzano Oliveto (this really is a must) and then try I Bologna in Rochetta Tanaro. Finally, don't miss Il Centro in Priocca -- a starred restaurant but still one that is very much rooted in local traditions (plus it has a great wine list). Enjoy!

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        Thank you both for the information. I will report back upon my return!

      2. We are now considering renting an apartment in La Morra. Would you say that La Morra is a better home bar for exploring Piemonte than Fossano?

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          Much, much better in La Morra, than Fossano, for exploring food in Piemonte. You have Alba and the whole area around Alba, north, south, and west. You have the area around Asti, think Da Bardon. You have the Alba market and the Alba farmer's market (two different markets). You have the great Bra market with one of the great cheese stores, Giolito, nearby.

          Wonderful walking in some of the great barolo vineyards just below town. There is nothing wrong with Fossano, nothing at all, but for proximity to "food", La Morra is close to the ideal place.

          I apologize for too many "greats."

          1. re: allende

            Thanks Allende, all excellent points.Have you ever been to Piemonte this time of year (going 3/27-3/31)? We are getting a bit nervous about the weather not being very nice.

            We really want to visit Piemonte, but are wondering if this time of year is better suited for Florence. Please correct me if I am wrong.

            1. re: redsoxfan027

              We've been Piemonte at that time of year... many times. It's like anyplace else. You can have glorious weather or bad weather. You'll never know in advance.

              Piemonte and Florence are two totally different places with regard to food. I live in Tuscany so I have nothing against Florence. It's a great city.

              From a food standpoint, it's not nearly as interesting as the 30 mile radius around La Morra. Notice I said interesting. I didn't say worse than Piemonte. It's not. It just different and not as interesting.

              If it's restaurants, trattorie, and "food in general", I'd go to Piemonte and deal with the weather.

              We've been there many times when the weather was not good and we still walked a lot (La Morra has wonderful walks) and ate and drank (a lot).

              You can go to Florence and have terrible weather. It often happens. We have beautiful weather here today, but it is going to rain for much of the rest of the week.

              Again, if you want great food, follow some of Peter Rodgers's, rrems's, and my advice (just search for more posts by the three of us), and enjoy yourself.

              1. re: allende

                Thanks Allende, that is an excellent post. We are going to head to Piemonte and deal with the weather. I am going to scour the posts you described, but am not sure if you have done any food tours/cooking classes that you enjoyed? We are considering doing the wine tour, but have not booked yet.

                1. re: redsoxfan027

                  We've never done any food tours. In Piemonte, don't think it is necessary re wine. The numerous wine stores, e.g. in La Morra and enotecche again e.g. in La Morra have plenty of wines to try. And at most other towns as well, certainly in Barolo and Barbaresco.

                  Go into Giolito in Bra, be nice and say buon giorno, and you'll get to taste any cheese you want. Same with all the cheese stands at all the markets.

                  Have fun.

                  1. re: allende

                    Thanks Allende. So you are saying that you prefer enotecche vs going to the vineyards?

                    1. re: redsoxfan027

                      For us yes. Others feel differently.

                      1. re: allende

                        allende, thanks so much for your information! I'm curious--would restaurants and enotecche in La Morra be open in August?

                        1. re: emv657

                          Da Renzo is closed. The others that we like are open for at least part of August, but it varies as to when. I don'y know about the enotecche.

            2. re: allende

              allende, would you see much sense in staying around Asti to be near Da Bardon or is that too isolated from all the rest of the action?

              1. re: johannabanana

                Too isolated from all the rest of the action. Some would disagree with that statement. If you only want to go to Bardon, then perhaps yes re Asti, but if it's only Bardon then there are many other places to stay right near there (the next town or two).

                1. re: allende

                  Thank you Allende. I think we will try to eat at Bardon twice but will see where we can find to stay that's more practical than Asti but not too far from Bardon.

                  1. re: johannabanana

                    Feel free to write me separately (, and I can share some thoughts on nice places at which we have stayed in the area around Asti -- particularly Isola d'Asti and Costigliole d-Asti -- which are convenient to Bardon (and a number of other good choices), as well within twenty minutes of Alba and south (La Morra, Cherasco, Barolo, etc.).

                    1. re: johannabanana

                      look at La Corte in Calamandrana. lovely place to stay at and eat at Bardon. ten minutes away and that's where the brothers at Bardon told us to stay.