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Mar 18, 2014 06:27 AM

Grocery shopping at Walmart...?

Our local Walmart recently expanded and added grocery and produce sections. I'm not a fan of Walmart to begin with, although I do find myself there from time to time for certain household items. Is there a good reason to consider doing grocery shopping there?

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  1. Not if you have other options, I am not a fan either and I am sure for the same reasons you are not either.

    1. From my experience, it depends on what your local markets have to offer. My area has intense competition from regional, ethnic, and national chains. Not to mention the discount warehouses. I have three Super WalMarts and a Sam's Club within a 10 mile drive. So we have a wide variety of fresh veggies and meats.

      On the other hand, the Super WalMart to the south of New Berlin Wisconsin is horrible when it comes to groceries. Terrible wine selection, little in the way of any ethnic fresh or canned goods, and even the Wisconsin products (sausage and cheese) are mediocre. But when your competition is Pic n Save, you do not have to try too hard to be better.

      The store brand Great Value may or may not be comparable to your usual purchases. The savings in cash can be substantial. Is it worth your time to do the research on which products you normally use are worth the savings?? That is up to you to decide.

      If you buy in bulk at Whole Foods and participate with a CSA, WalMart for groceries would probably be a disappointment.

      1. I live in a rural area, and have NO other options, short of driving 70 miles. My WalMart is ok for groceries, produce is acceptable.

        I only buy groceries and cleaning supplies at WM. Anything that has to last (small appliances, clothes, housewares) I buy somewhere else. WM sells total crap--the cheapest materials, worst workmanship.

        1. My main gripe with our local Walmart is how narrow the aisles are. Also, they only have large, standard sized carts (no smaller cart or hand basket option). I can't stand maneuvering through the store - it really stresses me out. My mental health is worth more than any savings Walmart might offer.

          1. I buy condiments there if I happen to be in the store. They usually have a good price on hot sauce and mustard.