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Mar 18, 2014 12:04 AM

Good List of Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants (London)

This should help those looking for vegetarian options in London.

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  1. I'm surprised by the exclusion of the Gate restaurants. I've only been twice (once to Hammersmith and once to Islington) and adored the food and atmosphere in both, particularly the Islington restaurant.

    1. I would also add places like the following to the list:
      - Chennai Dosa
      - Honey & Co.
      - Truly Indian
      - the Southern Indian vegetarian place in East Ham on the same block as Hyderabadi Spice
      - Itadaki Zen

      Not all of them are 100% vegetarian but serve great vegetarian dishes.

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        I read about Honey & Co. recently and am anxious to try their food. It sounds really good.