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Nov 8, 2002 03:49 PM

Carswell's Grandma's potato candy recipe

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Carswell, you rock, man. Thanks for the recipe. I can't wait to try it. Potatoes and peanut butter...mmmmm. I might even try to embellish it (may I? without offending you or your Gramma?) by dipping the finished product halfway into molten chocolate (since peanut butter and chocolate are meant for each other, IMHO). Or, hmm, maybe using nutella and peanut butter. Hmm.

I tinker with tried-and-true recipes. Probably drives some people crazy. I can't leave well enough alone. :D I add chocolate chips to my banana bread (heavenly!). And to a standard apple pie recipe, I add Grand Marnier, rum, cognac, and more spices than called for. Some things work, some things don't. Both of the above work for me!

Sorry to start a new thread. It was getting completely off the original topic though. :D Carswell's original post (with recipe) is linked below. (Am I supposed to/allowed to do this - start a new thread from an old one? I'm new to this whole posting thing in general.)

- P


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  1. Uh, oh. You're serious about making it, aren't you? And here I thought you'd be nominating it for inclusion in Ray's List of Weird and Disgusting Food. Well, don't say I didn't warn you. And bear in mind that the recipe is from memory (the last time I saw Grandma Madge make it was probably 35 years ago) and certainly hasn't been tested in *my* kitchen.

    Don't know whether chocolate dipping and Nutella filling--like dressing a dirt farmer in an Armani suit--can redeem what is an unavoidably low-class confection. But tinker away. No skin off my nose and, having long ago left this vale of tears, sweet Grandma Madge is way beyond caring.


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    1. re: carswell

      Oh, wow. I shouldn't have read that linked page before eating my lunch. :( Many of the items listed I've actually tried (jelly fish, for one). But, others are just plain bizarre-sounding to my western tastes.

      I haven't yet tried the potato candy, but I've heard of similar unusual combinations of tastes, so I'm absolutely going to give it a try. But I don't think it really belongs on a list of wierd or disgusting food! (I'll let you know, once I taste it, though. :D )

      - P

      1. re: Patti

        Those potato candies are one of my fondest memories as a child. They are the summum of sweetness and i make them at least once a month to this day.

        I now live in NYC and my husband always takes some to the office when i make them...Amazing what people will say when they find out what its made from.

        I tried to "improve" the recipe, but it never tastes right. Maybe thats due to the fact that i have been eating them a certain way for over 25 years, it's in my comfort zone.

        Theres no "real" recipe here, just make sure you have lots of powdered sugar...You know its ready when the dough starts to crack a lil as you mix it, it feels dry to the touch but not mealy.

        Im making some tonight!!

        1. re: Genevieve

          >Im making some tonight!!

          Oh, good, then can you tell me *approximately* how much powdered sugar to use?? I just want to know how much to have on-hand when I make this. :D

          And, I like Pat's variation with semi-sweet chocolate (from a different post on this thread).

          - P

          See what you started, Carswell? ;)

          1. re: Patti

            Alright, i hope this helps you, my keyboard is all covered in powdere sugar as i write this, so know its true...

            I am using a small potato here. It yielded me a smidge over 1/2 cup once cooked. Diced in 1/4 to 1/2 inch cubes.

            Make sure once you drain the water from the potatoes you put the lid back on for a minute or two and the rest of the moisture will evaporate, that way you will need less sugar..

            I squish it well with a fork.

            Start mixing the sugar in with a fork about 1/2 cup at a time. When it gets thicker use a wooden spoon or a spatula.And in the end, your hands..

            In the end i used 4 cups of powdered sugar.

            I roll it out between sheets of saran wrap, doenst stick to the board ans its an easy clean up. Just roll it up once the PB is on it and stick it in the fridge in that same saran wrap piece for easier cutting....

            Hope it gonna go eat mine now..

            1. re: genevieve

              Oh, wow. That's a lot of sugar.

              Do I need to let the potato cool before mixing with the sugar??

              - P

              1. re: Patti

                By the time you get to the potato after letting it sit for a minute and put it in a bowl, measure your sugar and just prepare your stuff the potato will be fine.

                It really isnt rocket science....just mix it all til you cant anymore..There really isnt a way to mess it up.

              2. re: genevieve

                Four cups sugar per potato sounds about right, Genevieve. The spuds really soak up the stuff--like eggplants and oil. It's probably the sweetest candy I've ever eaten. Grandma Madge cooked two potatoes because she always made two different-coloured batches, usually pink and blue.

        2. re: carswell

          That recipe has been knocking around in my family for years. All of my mother's family came from Montreal, but I'd never thought this was something they brought across the border with them! Our potato candy is not made with p-butter. We frost ours with bitter-sweet chocolate. Roll it out flat and frost with chocolate, then cut into decorative (or not!) pieces. The semi-sweet really cuts some of the sweetness of the candy.

          1. re: Pat Hammond


            Semi-sweet chocolate! Love it! OK, so how do you "frost" it with semi-sweet chocolate? Do you just melt chocolate chips? Then frost?

            And, since you've tried these before, does the finished product have the consistency of candy? Or more like a cookie?

            I'm dying to try this.

            - P

            1. re: Patti

              Just pat or roll it out flat and frost with melted bitter-sweet chocolate. An off-set spatula works well for this. I don't color the potato mixture. The consistency of the candy is not at all like a cookie, but more like fudge.

              It's been a long time since I made up a batch but something I definitely recall is that you'll need way more sugar than you'd imagine. I'm not kidding! I think I'd make a test batch using just one medium potato (or even a half). From there you can guage how much sugar you'd need for a larger batch, and also if you even like the stuff! Pat