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Mar 17, 2014 10:24 PM

4th St Berkeley for lunch

Suggestions on where to go for a casual but interesting lunch near 4th st

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  1. On 4th Street:
    Vik's for chaat.
    Tacubaya for good al pastor tacos off the spit.
    Cafe Rouge for slightly more upscale Cal-American. They have good meat dishes (burger, ribs, steak, etc.), and cheap oysters.

    1. I love Zut on Fourth. It's not casual, but it's definitely not fancy. We have taken our kids, and just walked in without reservations. Great burger, solid soups and salads and apps, amazing cocktails (corpse reviver!), and a very nice ambiance. I would say you can't go wrong there.

      Second Tacubaya, too! I'd go for the seasonal specials - they always have a quesadilla, a tamal, and a tostada with very interesting seasonal ingredients like yam, butternut squash, pomegranate seeds, huitlacoche, etc. Not your standard Mexican by any means.

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        Zut: while I enjoy dropping in for cocktails -- and a really nice mescal -- i found the burger disappointing. and the fries were a huge disappointment. I did enjoy some nice mussels the other day.