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Mar 17, 2014 09:41 PM

Mauviel copper pan - bargain?

Hi guys,
having spent a while lurking on the boards and looking at what all of you have to say on various topics (much to my enjoyment) I thought I'd see what everyone had to say about my gear.

I started looking here when I was contemplating getting a copper pan with some christmas money I had, and I went for a Mauviel 24cm Sauté with lid (about £200). Don't worry, this isn't the bargain I'm talking about!
This sauté is the 250c, and I'm yet to cook with it (still!) as I am at university and didn't want it to be in my student house!

I've been taking my cooking more seriously over the past year or two and have ended up investing much smaller amounts in some half-decent knives and stuff (which I also want to upgrade come my birthday...).

Anyway, so I found a listing on ebay for a mauviel copper pan, stainless lined, which looked to be the 250 series for about £20, and after much to-ing and fro-ing I bought it off the seller for £50, plus the cost of a train ticket to collect it (£12). The seller was a lovely person too although I couldn't help but feel I was cheating her in some way of what it was really worth! I've used it twice in the day and a half I've had it a love it! Caught the copper bug. I'll upload a picture tomorrow, but it seems to be in pretty good nick :)

Also, with regard to knives, I went to my local cookware shop which mainly stocks Globals and Wüsthof and tried a couple (8" and 10" chef's knives). I didn't particularly like the lightness, balance or feel of the handle in the global, and loved the feel of the Wüsthof (Ikon), although I feel as though I'm losing out by not getting the harder, finer edge of the Global somewhat. Does anyone have any advice?

The path I'm considering taking is getting a Wüsthof large chef's knife, and then getting the smaller global paring/boning knives with the solid handles, as the steel is harder and the edge finer - and so better?! Help!

Sorry for the long post or if the post is off-topic or anything, this is my first go at this so just point me in the right direction :)



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  1. Hi, David:

    You did well for yourself. Congratulations.

    One of the unsung advantages of sourcing vintage copper pieces is the connections you can sometimes make with really nice sellers. I have several pieces the bargains for which seemed too good (for me) to be true. Many sellers who value pieces for their craftsmanship, practical value or history (as opposed to merely the filthy lucre) *want* to put them into the hands of someone like you, who obviously has their head screwed on straight.

    In a similar vein, there is an entire, largely-overlooked world of fine vintage cutlery available to those who care to look and learn. Nothing against Wustoff and Global, but there are for but one example gorgeous, venerable Sabatier ebony-handled Nogents out there that can be had for a song. Why suffer a Prius when you could drive a Packard?

    I like your OP's attitude, and I'm sure we all have things to learn from you. Please post what you ultimately decide on in terms of knives.