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Mar 17, 2014 09:02 PM

Group Birthday Dinner Recommendation

Looking for some updated recommendations for birthday spots for a group of 8.

Somewhere lively, but not clubby. (Like Ssam Bar or Fat Radish. NOT like Tao or Morimoto.)

Ideally a restaurant that still feels somewhat rustic or cozy. Not too sterile.

Awesome food (obviously).

Budget per person approx $50 pp for food.

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    1. You can always book the Bo Ssam at Ssam bar - $200 split 8 ways is $25/pp, leaves room to get a bunch of of apps and shared plates. Or the new dim sum menu at Ma Peche could be fun.

      Skal on the LES (right near the Fat Radish) is doing some really creative fun stuff, prices are pretty reasonable, you could do well on a $50 just-food budget there.

      ACME - which is both lively and a bit clubby, at least in therms of the crowd it draws, but the food has been great lately.

      Pearl & Ash and Alder are both worth checking out, too, though depending what you order $50 might leave you a little hungry. Hard to say, plates at both can kinda vary size-wise.

      Places might require a prix fixe for a group that large, it's right on the cusp. You'll want to check that first.

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      1. re: sgordon

        Good suggestions. Tried booking Bo Ssam before I posted but they're booked for the intended date.

        Skal looks awesome. Hadn't even considered it.

        I've been to Acme a couple times and have been downright disappointed with the food. This is when they first opened, so maybe it's worth giving them a second chance, just not for this party.

        Have heard mixed things about P&A, so I've put it on the backburner. Maybe that's to my own detriment. It's definitely the type of space I'm looking for. Even if a tad more "vivacious" than I typically care for. Thanks!

        1. re: rushbikes

          There are several other large format meals that could work for you at ma peche, the breslin, resto, etc
          Info from this thread is still helpful, check their websites for menu specifics

      2. Crispos on 14th Street for super Italian food and an active bar scene.