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Mar 17, 2014 09:02 PM

What happen to English pastry shop in Charles street?

Did he forget to pay the rent??

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  1. It may be related to the legal actions against him for back rent at Kingfish Hall and/or Olives Charlestown. Universal Hub did some good reporting on those:

        1. re: hyde

          This is a new wrinkle in English's longstanding game of saddling his landlords, purveyors, and employees with the costs of his failures (in this case, Kingfish Hall and Olives Charlestown) and walking away scot-free. It doesn't appear to be working this time.

          When Deadbeat Todd still wouldn't pay the nearly million-dollar civil judgment against him for unpaid rent and damage to the property at Kingfish Hall, Rouse Co. (operators of Faneuil Hall) got mad, and started going after his other local assets, like the Figs Charlestown malt/wine license, which the country sheriff seized as an asset for Rouse to sell.

          Not reopening CurlyCakes appears to be related to this, as Rouse might try to attach any income from it, as it attempted to do at Olives Charlestown.

          Might be a while before you see English essaying a new project in these parts. I suspect he has run out of chumps willing to extend him credit locally.

          1. re: MC Slim JB

            mc, plse help me understand how English "has saddled his employees with the costs of his failures." Are you talking about missed income opportunities with other jobs?or has english often owed his staff back pay? I've never heard you so vituperative before.

            1. re: opinionatedchef

              He had developed a long reputation in Boston and beyond for shutting down his failed restaurants abruptly, leaving landlords, purveyors, partners and employees unpaid. The landlord debts are the most obvious: they become public record when they drag him into court ($900K and counting owed to Rouse alone).

              Stories of the purveyors and employees he has screwed over are legion in Boston. Ask a candid industry friend about him sometime. I don't care about the Page 6 tabloid stuff -- that's his private life -- but his business ethics as a restaurateur are notoriously scummy.


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