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Is there better Chinese in Boston than Peach Farm?

When I was a young and sprightly graduate student in the 1990s, Peach Farm was the place to go. In the intervening years, I've returned there from time to time and it was still pretty solid. Are there any other worthwhile contenders that should be considered?


Secret Asian Man

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  1. Best little restaurant and Taiwan cafe are favorites of mine. But it depends on what you seek -- fish tank freshies or solid home style goodies (pork chop and rice plate) or other?

      1. (Dat you, Tak? The Harry the Ass strip is still on my office bulletin board.)

        China King, whose owners used to run King Fung Garden, is a personal favorite, especially for its lamb dishes and Shanghai noodles. Vinh Sun does excellent roast meat dishes for short money. Peach Farm remains reliable, as you say. The popularity of Gourmet Dumpling House mystifies me.

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          Jenny, while I really like China King, Peach Farm, Taiwan Cafe and Dumpling Cafe, I think it would be very difficult for two people to go to Gourmet Dumpling House, get a Sliced Fish Szechuan Style, a Beef w/ Longhorn Peppers and a mini juicy dumplings (albeit the bigger thicker kind) and not come out of there thinking you had a really great meal.

        2. I'd add the restaurant part of Great Taste Bakery to the list for solid Cantonese food.

            1. Winsor is very good for Dim Sum, Taiwan Café and Dumpling Café (for roast beef stuffed scallion pancakes). Not in Chinatown, but relatively near is Gene's Chinese Flatbread, for hand pulled noodles (there seem to be mixed opinions on this, but I really liked the #9, cumin lamb hand pulled noodles). New Shanghai is great for Szechuan. I also really want to try Shojo.

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                I second everything nsenada said (though I like the non-lamb pulled noodles a little better).

              2. There's lots of better Chinese food in the greater Boston area. For Sichuan food, Sichuan Gourmet, Sichuan Garden 2, Chilli Garden, Red Pepper, and probably a bunch more I have forgotten. There are also several excellent Taiwanese places, including Jo Jo Taipei and Taiwan Cafe. For Shanghai food there's Shanghai Gate, for Shaanxi there's Gene's Flatbread Cafe.

                But you probably meant Cantonese when you say "Chinese." For that, Winsor, Great Taste, and BLR have already been mentioned, and I've heard good things about Joyful Garden.

                1. I think Peach Farm is a fine example of the Hong Kong style live-tank seafood restaurant, my go-to when I want to see something swimming, point to it, and then have it on my plate five minutes later in a nice ginger/soy/garlic sauce. Its Cantonese options are also very good.

                  I wouldn't go so far as to call it my favorite in Boston. I'm with other posters in preferring Best Little for broader Cantonese, region-trotting Taiwanese places like Dumpling Cafe, Taiwan Cafe, and JoJo Taipei, Sichuan options like the Sichuan Gourmets and the Woburn Sichuan Garden, Shanghainese at Shanghai Gate, and cartless dim sum joints like Windsor and Bubor.

                  I think of it more as a niche player, like having Peking duck at China King, roasted meats over wonton soup at Hong Kong Eatery and Vinh-Sun, hand-pulled Xi'an style noodle dishes at Gene's, and hotpot at Q. As with those places, I value Peach Farm for a specialty that it hits right on the nose.