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Mar 17, 2014 06:29 PM

Chinese food with good veg/seafood options near Bayview and Sheppard?

I'm thinking this area might be a good sub for Spadina since I've had very ho-hum experiences there in the last 3 or 4 months...

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  1. There's nothing particularly distinctive at Bayview Village, a high-end indoor mall at Bayview and Sheppard. For women's clothing, it's a fine plaza, but not so much for Chinese.

    But for years I've been patronizing Sun Star, a mid-level family resto in a mainly-Asian strip plaza on Finch Ave. between Bayview and Leslie. It specializes in fresh fish and seafood, which are understandably somewhat expensive. But just about everything else, including the veggie dishes, are modestly priced. I'm particularly partial to a veggie dish called Taiwanese Style Spicy Mixed, which seems to be on most every table when I'm there ($6.50). Always busy with local Asians who seem to know their nosh. Good service.

    There's also an all-Asian mall on the northeast corner of Finch and Leslie, with at least a half dozen Chinese restos, but it has been awhile since I've been there. So maybe someone else from the neighbourhood can steer you around there more wisely.

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      That sounds promising... do you know if it has wine? Far but maybe worth it! Thanks

      1. re: Ediblethoughts

        Sun Star is about a 5-8 minute drive from your starting point at Bayview and Sheppard, which doesn't seem all that far to me (if you have a car). But to your main question: does Sun Star have a licence to serve wine? Well, it's licensed, and though I've seen some beer in its open cooler, I don't know about wine - as I don't ordinarily drink wine with Chinese cuisine - but I've noticed bottles of wine on many tables in the evening, obviously brought by the customers themselves (including some quite fancy bottles). Whether Sun Star charges a corkage fee, I knoweth not. I strongly suspect that, like many small Chinese restos catering mainly to neighbourhood regulars, it doesn't do so.

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          Thanks. It's not so much the trip from my start point of B & S---I live more at Yonge and Eg so it's that much longer to this place. Still, maybe worth it to try something new.

          1. re: Ediblethoughts

            If you go to Sun Star, be aware that the more highly-priced fish and seafood specials - listed on a wall blackboard - are not translated into English. (They used to be, but not any more, probably because the clientele is overwhelmingly Asian.) Which means you'll have to ask the staff for a translation - or, better still, ask a nearby table of regulars. Seasoned veterans that they are, they'll invariably be delighted to recite the merits - and drawbacks - of each dish. A fun place.

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              Have you checked out Kwan's in the St Clair / Yonge area? I've not been, but a number of my friends have and report that it's in not really a competitor to draw "uptown" (as in North of Steeles) Chinese food fans but might be worth it for mid-towners. It probably could more than hold its own against the Pearl @ Bayview Village or even the Paradise @ Finch / Leslie (a branch of downtown's Dynasty) given the shorter commute for you. Sun Star is a bit different and definitely worth a trip.

              1. re: T Long

                I thought I'd noticed all the places on Yonge near me but obviously missed this one! Can't find a menu but given proximity, will try!

                Sun Star is definitely getting prioritized up... they apparently have a BYOB with modest ($10 corkage) with no wine by the glass.

        2. re: juno

          I was in the area last night and remembered the positive reviews here on Sun Star and gave it a go. What a great experience! Ordered more food than needed but everything came out perfectly in execution, presentation and well priced. I'm sad I can't be in the neighborhood more often and that there are not many comparable restaurants closer to downtown.

          Also noted how bright and clean Sun Star is.

        3. Agree with Juno's choice of 'Sun Star'. Border line hole-in-the-wall, they specializes in Wok-hay stirred fry. Good food at good value.
          For more upscale, try 'Paradise Chinese Cuisine' inside plaza at Finch and Leslie.

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