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Costco "Brands"

After reading in one of the Costco threads that their champagne was Moet, I thought it would be a nice idea to make a list of "who makes what." I realize the suppliers probably change over time, so I guess it should really be "who currently makes what."

Does the supplier vary by region of the country?

...and... I completely apologize if this has been discussed before, but a search didn't turn up much.

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  1. I like the Kirkland craft beers, which I understand are made by Gordon Biersch in San Jose. Great value, and the flavours are not bad.

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      Wish my local Costco sold alcohol!

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        I've seen packs of Kirkland beers labelled with several different brewers as suppliers. I would guess that the beers are made to Kirkland's specs by a variety of brewers.
        The other possibility is that the house brand varies by location.

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          These Kirkland beers I talk about are labeled as being for Costco Japan, and I live in Tokyo. They work out to 158 yen per 12oz. bottle, quite a bit less than a similar size Japanese beer from the major brewers. Imagine getting craft beer a whole lot cheaper than Bud/Miller/Coors...

      2. Some of Costco's products are co-labeled both with their house brand, Kirkland, and the national brand, e.g. the Kirkland/Sunkist prunes.

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          One of the yogurts also has a Kirkland/national brand. Forgot which

        2. I thought the semi sweet chocolate chips were Guittard, but they didn't taste like it the one time I bought them.

          1. So what I've been told by our rep (we work with the Business Centers) is that it'd be the same supplier for any given product nationally (i.e. the Kirkland Mayo would be the same no matter where you bought it) but obviously each product could have a different supplier.

            Produce would obviously vary but I would think something in a package like a beverage would not. But from year to year, yeah, they like to mix things up based on both price and quality.

            They really would prefer you not know who makes what, or rather their suppliers wouldn't, because that could undercut normal sales of regular brands at regular prices.

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              "The really would prefer you not know who makes what..."


              Precisely the reason I started the thread - thought it would be useful (and interesting) info! Anybody with any intel?

            2. E.D. Smith is the Vendor of KS Mayo. They are a large maker of private label brands.

              1. I believe Kirkland Vodka is made by Grey Goose. Someone told me this, so I don't know if this is accurate.

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                  The manager of the Costco in Pewaukee, Wisconsin told me flat out it is an Urban Myth/Legend that Kirkland Vodka is made by Grey Goose. He said it is like how people fell for the tale about if they flashed their headlights at a car driving down the road with their lights off they would be killed because that was some type of gang initiation.

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                    Wow didn't know that.. I searched some prior threads on Kirkland signature Vodka on Chow and people were saying that Grey Goose is written right on the label. I think it is my duty to run to Costco to see if that is true.

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                      LOL! Yes, please do investigate. :-) My Uncle claims the Kirkland vodka is actually Grey Goose but he also told me about how a Northwest Airlines plane once disappeared without a trace over Lake Michigan.

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                        It doesn't say Grey goose on the bottle - just checked. I always heard it was Grey Goose, but several articles on the Web disagree and say the distilleries are close to each other but different.One reference says Grey Goose used to be distilled at the distillery on the Costco bottle.

                2. I've wondered about their vanilla ice cream, which I find very similar to TJ's in richness except one is bean and the other French (and both rbgh-free), so I'm wondering if they're both made by the same provider who just tweaks the recipe. (Old web info said TJ's was made by Double Rainbow, which may no longer be true.) I tend to buy TJ's since having to get 2 half-gallons at Costco is too much of a threat to my waistline just having that much around, but they're both excellent -- much better than Haagen Dazs, IMO.

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                    Their vanilla ice cream is very addictive, it has great flavor and mouth feel. I generally buy it when we have a party and I will hope that there is not much left so I won't be tempted to eat the remains of the cartons.