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Mar 17, 2014 05:02 PM

DIY Takoyaki, American appliance-style

[As a longtime CH'er, I'm still struggling with FOOD QUESTS, but this is a legitimate venture I'm starting.]


Just scored a BabyCakes Cakepop maker at my favourite Thrift Store.

I want to make takoyaki. Which I've never made.

I'm essentially following

Should I cook the spheres "half way" in the Cakepop maker and then...rotate them like the pros do?
Cook the spheres through?
Fry them?

I'm concerned about both cooking temperature and ingredients.
I also have a little T-Fal deep fryer so I could finish them off that way.

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    I remember that you bought a Takoyaki thing from Williams Sonoma, right? Good Takoyaki from scratch can be tough.

    Good luck.


    I've looked up a few recipes and all of them do not have leavening agents like baking soda/powder or whipped egg white. I doubt you can get away by closing the lid and let it cook all the way through. You will have to rotate the spheres mid way.

    I'm also not sure if you want to close the lid at all. If the lid is hot enough to coagulate the surface of the half moon, then rotating the spheres mid-way is going to be interesting, or pointless.

    But then I don't know how hot the thing goes to, or whether the maker temporary shuts off when the lid is open. Why not make extra batter to get yourself familiarize with the machine first? Test one ball at a time. When you become proficient in rotating the balls then do the whole layer.


    I would very much like to try this. If octopuse is hard to come by YouTube runnyrunny999 suggests kimchi or hot dog though he doesn't seem fond of cheese variant, not enough cheese? Videos show them oiling up the iron pretty good so deep frying not necessary?

    I also want to try Danish aebleskivers.