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Mar 17, 2014 03:49 PM

Venice on a sunday night

Me and my spouse will be in venice for two nights in may and we are having difficulties finding restaurants open on a sunday night for my anniversary... It dosent have to be expensive, but we are ready to pay to have meal to remember (food wise and experience wise also)! Seafood would be great, but not a necessity...

Any suggestions for a saturday is also welcome, but we have it narrow down to a couple of restaurants!

Thanks a lot!

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  1. Vini da Gigio would be a great choice on Sunday night. It's in Cannaregio and its phone is 041 5285140. It has terrific seafood and also some good meat dishes, like lamb and duck.

    1. Our best meal in September was at Oliva Nera.

      I had a swordfish carpaccio, spaghetti with botarga, and a memorable semifreddo.

      We have eaten in a fair amount of Venice restaurants and this is my favorite meal in the past 4 years.

      I would also go to Vini da Gigio; it's on my list.

      1. Those that serve only seafood are closed Sunday nights but there are places opened that have good seafood among other choices. The above mentioned Vini da Gigio is good; others to consider are Al Covo, Fiaschetteria Toscana has more of a fine dining ambience, the more modern L'Orto dei Mori or the simpler Anice Stellato. Can't go wrong with any of the them.

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          I second the motion for Al Covo. Tell Diane and Cesare that Mr. Sidney from NOrth Carolina sent you. You will need to go out to the website for Al Covo and Fiascheteria Toscana to make a reservation. These place filll up fast.

        2. We are coming in from montreal on saturday so do you have any suggestions for a relax dinner? Cicchetti? Trattoria?

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            Just about all trattorie and osterie are open on Saturday nights. Just browse earlier posts on this board and choose one that fits what you are looking for. Need to reserve ahead as popular places are book up for Saturdays. As for cicchetti, most bacari close around 8pm, therefore, not for a relax dinner. And places that have front bar for cicchetti, it is mostly stand up or bar stools and the selection gets sparse by the middle of the evening.