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Mar 17, 2014 03:01 PM

WF Wet and Dry Scallops?

I have never bought ' Wet scallops' before and because they are so inferior to Dry, I didn't think I'd ever see Wet scallops at WF. But My Love bought some scallops the other day (Woburn, whose seafood is way inferior to Fr Pond WF)and when I cooked them tonight, there were a number of odd things. First of all, they were ginormous (and yes, I am used to seeing large scallops, but these were 2-3x the size of those) such that I recalled those myths? about seafood companies cutting some fish to look like scallops.
But oddest of all, after rinsing and drying, when I seared them in a glaze of oil, they stuck terribly, AND wouldn't get that nice crust I'm used to. So I started wondering if maybe they were Wet scallops.
Anyone have thoughts about this? Thx much.

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  1. IIRC, there's something other than TSP that is sometimes used to treat scallops but without producing the visually telltale color and moisture. I've had problems with scallops from WF; I find Market Basket's newer stories have better quality (in part due to much higher turnover because the prices are much better -- turnover is key).