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Mar 17, 2014 02:50 PM

Lunch dinner ideas near National Harbor

Hi all

I am active on the Manhattan board, but I am visiting DC from Sunday early afternoon to Wednesday late afternoon. I am taking the train. And am staying at the Gaylord in National Harbor, MD.

Not sure exactly what meals I will be on my own for, but definitely lunch on Sunday and Wednesday and probably one dinner will be wide open, one dinner may be with others. Lunches will have to be near the hotel.

Questions: 1) How to get from train station to hotel?
2) What to eat?

Cuisine: I like most Asian cuisines (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai); Italian; American and a lot of others. I am adventurous! If three is food that is really good and special to DC, I am open to most cuisines

Cost: I won't say money doesn't matter, but I'm on vacation as well as at a conference. Say, not more than $50 for my lunch (pre tax and tip) and maybe about $50 or so for dinner.

Dress: I will be wearing slacks (either khakis or jeans) and a dress shirt

Location: Lunch ideas near hotel; other ideas either walking distance or metro or cab (I don't drive)

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  1. Nando's Peri Peri for Mozambiquan/Portuguese chicken. Get the quarter dark at the spiciest level, mushy peas, and the fries with perinnaise sauce.

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    1. Gaylord runs a shuttle from Union Station every 90 minutes.

      I recommend either taking the water taxi or a cab to Old Town Alexandria. Much better dining options there. The Lickety Split Lunch as Restaurant Eve is a favorite and an excellent value. Bistro Bis, Bistro Cacao, and Ethiopic are a short walk from Union Station. DC has a large Ethiopian community so if you haven't tried it before, you should.

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        Old Town is about the only other neighborhood you'd want to attempt to venture to for a lunch -- and depending on how long you have, exactly, it might not be feasible. I think the water taxi is about 25 min one way and a regular taxi would be 12-15 min. Bastille, The Majestic, Restaurant Eve and Society Fair are all nice spots in OT. Two spots a little south of the main drag, so they'd be closer to NH and a little less crowded: Southside 815, serves nice Southern-styled bar & grill type food, very "neighborhoody" type spot
        Faccia Luna, wood-oven pizza/trattoria.

        Quick lunches at National Harbor would be Nando's and Elevation Burger. Both are good choices for a $10-15 lunch, order at the counter style. The sit down restaurants in the development are not worth spending more for. Rosa Mexicano has its fans, and might be the best choice among those if you're so inclined.

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          That might work for Sunday or Wednesday, but not Monday or Tuesday, probably. Thanks!

      2. At National Harbor, I've enjoyed Rosa Mexicano (especially the carne asada) and Thai Pavilion. I've also been to Grace's Mandarin and found the flavors bland. Nando's is great although I haven't been to this location.

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        1. re: Hobbert

          Rosa Mexicano is a NY franchise, so I doubt it would interest the OP.

          1. re: Steve

            True, but, in an effort to be helpful, I thought I'd weigh in on the places I've been in National Harbor since it seems like at least a few meals will be there out of necessity.

        2. Two dishes DC is known for are fried whiting sandwiches (Horace & Dickies on H Street is the most popular purveyor, but it's history at Maine Avenue Fish Market is much older) and wings & mambo sauce (available at finer bulletproof Chinese carryouts everywhere. Mid Atlantic Seafood and Cameron's Fish Market are a short cab drive away in Oxon Hill. The former offers excellent fried/baked/broiled fish and wings, along with a bewildering assortment of soul food sides: mac & cheese, collards, candied yams, hush puppies, etc. I didn't care for their bbq, but the fried items are excellent. Totally informal dining; put in your order, they give you a ticket, and they call your number. There's plenty of room to eat in, but they seem to do most of their business carryout. For $15, you can kill yourself in there.

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