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Mar 17, 2014 02:43 PM

Great place to order lunch from in Somerville

I'd like to send in a delicious thank you lunch to some colleagues at their office in Somerville. Ideally it would be something that a non-local wouldn't normally know about--something that will show that I went out of my way and did research to find something special. It's probably lunch for 10, and I'd love not to spend more than $150, with delivery and tip.

Thanks for all suggestions!

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  1. somerville is a big place. what are they near? i ask because they might not know food from the part of somv. further from them.

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      1. re: asl3y

        hmmm, i'm having a bit of trouble with this because davis sq is full of lunch options that they must frequent, and i'm thinking of hot options from further places, but they wouldn't stay, i'll keep thinking. when is this for?

    1. Sofra for either breakfast or lunch.

      Flour bakery. Again has great breakfast and lunch options.

      Both are in Cambridge do not likely places that they would be frequenting for lunch or breakfast (I don't know which meal will work within your budget).

      Or it might be fun to send them a box of donuts.

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      1. re: viperlush

        Ooh, I love the Union Square Donuts idea. That's perfect--not really a meal but such a treat. I might go with that!

        1. re: asl3y

          The Sea Salted Bourbon Caramel donut is awesome and the chocolate glazed is also good. They might seem expensive but they are quite large (2x the size of a DD donut?) and don't leave that greasy feel in your mouth.

      2. How about Pennypacker's? It's off the beaten path, and their sandwiches are delicious and varied, tho you can't go wrong with the porchetta.

        1. You could send over some sweet and savory pies from Petsi Pies.

          I've had the bacon, leek and gruyere quiche and the sweet potato and mississippi mud pies and thought all were excellent.

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            now THAT's an excellent idea, wg! a bunch of quiches, pies and artisinal donuts- that would certainly thrill most people i think!