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Mar 17, 2014 01:58 PM

Good Halal Butchers in Paris

I have seen very many halal butchers in Paris but no great halal butchers. Can anyone recommend one?.

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  1. I'm "told" that there are no really good halal butchers in Paris. Indeed when I lived in the 17th my very finicky Franco-Tunisienne and pious Muslim neighbour went kosher, not halal to the Boucherie Levy on the rue Fourcroy @ rue Renaudes around the corner from the very good rue Poncelet/ rue Bayern market street.

    Assuming that a long queue is a sign of some sort of quality, the Nouvelle Boucherie d'Aligre on the place d'Aligre in the 12th seems to qualify as well as another (whose name I forget) on the 100 block of the avenue d'Italie near métro Maison Blanche in the 13th.

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      Nouvelle Boucherie d'Aligre is the name I was looking for when I mentioned Aligre. The one on avenue d'Italie is Tadfousse and it is quite good. There is also a good one on rue d'Avron.

      One thing to know is that these places generally have good to excellent lamb, okay veal and, generally, so-so beef. The beef is for braising or boiling, it does not lend itself to grilling.

      1. re: Ptipois

        I will put in a third for the Nouvelle Boucherie d'Aligre. The lamb is excellent, and the veal acceptable.

        Beef for grilling is incompatible with Halal and Kosher rules. There seem to be Torah-compatible short-cuts, which involve Orthodox Jews doing much work, to the point that some Isrealis eat Kosher steak in France, but not Israel.

        Tunisian Halal is similar, but there is no significant demand for it (Algerians and Morrocans generally do not count such juicy meat as halal, or are not so strict). In this case, go cacher, if you may.

        1. re: tmso

          hmm, interesting, Ive never heard this before. Steak is not considered halal by some? Why not? (I'm not Muslim myself, I just need to know where to buy meat when cooking for friends)

          1. re: megtenni

            Regarding Muslim rule there is no problem with grilling meat of any type. It is only that halal slaughtering produced bloodless meat that is just not great for a good juicy côte de bœuf. You have to bear that in mind when choosing meat at a halal butcher, and that is why I prefer to buy lamb, mutton, veal and goat meat there. When not for braising or boiling, I buy beef elsewhere.

    2. The Turkish butchers on rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis (lower part) are really good.
      Rue du Faubourg-du-Temple below avenue Parmentier = good Moroccan halal butcher with good lamb.
      Boucherie Tadfousse on avenue d'Italie.
      Good butchers around place d'Aligre too. My own favorite halal butcher (also sells oils spices groceries, etc.) = Mr. Limouri, rue Larrey, near the Grande Mosquée in the 5th.

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        I will just add that Mr. Limouri, being from the Souss region of Morocco (around Agadir, where all the argan trees grow), sells some very interesting items like Moroccan saffron threads and argan oil (from raw or toasted seeds) that he imports directly from his region, plus (in season) fantastic olive oil from his family's estate.

        Also quite interesting: like spice vendors in Moroccan markets, he can prepare custom-made spice mixes from whole spices. You can order various types or ras el-hanout and have whole dried ginger or turmeric root ground by him, which makes for a much better product than ready-ground jars.

        He also has some good veal from Limousin, perfect for veal tajines. Sometimes I order a whole veal shank for him and I cook it whole in a tajine with the spices that he mixes.

        1. re: Ptipois

          Whoa ! This is a multiple-bombshell !

          1. re: Parigi

            Yes. That's MY butcher. I can possibly lend him to some very nice people (like you).

            1. re: Ptipois

              We can exchange butchers (my Marcel plus the Harvard butcher whose veal you lost) against your M Limouri the way they used to exchange spies on Glinicker Brücke in Potsdam Berlin. We send them, walking simultaneously from opposing shores across the Pont des Arts.

              1. re: Parigi

                I am boycotting the pont des Arts as long as they haven't removed the darned locks. We can find another bridge.

          2. re: Ptipois

            Just wondering, since I recently mortgaged my house when buying a whole veal shank, do you recall what you pay for yours from Mr. Limouri?

            1. re: mangeur

              The last one I bought was about 18 to 20 euros.

        2. What are you looking for?

          Boucherie de la Paix on rue de la Roquette at place Voltaire, has pretty good poultry, good lamb, and has excellent roasted birds: you will need to wait for the one you want to come off the rotisserie, at least if you are a regular or a muslim or a jew.

          The boucherie across the street has good beef.

          On bd Voltaire between M° Rue des Boulets and M° Nation, there is a Kosher boucherie that has remarkably juicy steaks. I do not ask how, and my muslim friends do not either.