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Mar 17, 2014 01:45 PM

food worth eating near U of M medical Center, baltimore md

Hounds need your help. any place YOU would eat for above average food near the University of Maryland Medical Center at w. redwood st and s. greene st.
only have a three hour window (there and back) from 1230 to 3:30 so can't drive a great distance. walking is ok too.
I'm am told the area is "sketchy" so where to avoid will be helpful.
food trucks worth the trip are fair game:-)

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  1. Your best bets:

    Alewife: for the smoke burger or good local fish and a good beer selection. Eutaw & Fayette.
    Nando's: Peri-Peri chicken. Fast, cheap. Baltimore between Eutaw and Paca. This is an international chain that is expanding through Maryland. It's very good.

    Food trucks are always on Baltimore street between Green and Paca. Gypsy Queen is super famous around here but I personally can't stand it. Pretty much the only trucks I'll go to are Koco (Korean fusion), Iced Gems, and Commie Pig. People will say go to Lexington Market. I've always found it just okay, more of the experience than the food itself.

    1. thanks for the quick response.
      will be looking them up.
      gypsy queen you don't like... why? so if I have someone tell me it great i can balance it with your thoughts and preferences.
      again thanks

      1. I'd walk up to Trinacria (10 minute walk from the hospital), an Italian deli with plenty of fantastic lunch options. You could also go to Lexington Market and grab a crab cake or oysters at Faidleys. Or do both, they're two blocks from one another and I wouldn't consider walking to either sketchy in the middle of the day.

        1. ok, this may sound weird, but, the cafeteria in the hospital has good soup and fantastic mac and cheese...just saying...

          the womens industrial kitchen on charles st (inside the womens industrial exchange) has some old-fashioned dishes- chicken salad, chicken pot pie, meatloaf, tomato aspic...really tasty. and

          heidi's deli on eutaw street, an easy walk from the hospital, has some wonderful sandwiches. i especially like the chicken salad on sour dough.

          as an fyi, baltimore has a free circulator bus (and water taxi) service, the charm city circulator. the orange line has stops right at the hospital

          1. The hospital's cafeteria has quite good food (really!). They seem to have taken the need for fresh nutritious food seriously there.


            Trinacria on Paca is a fairly easy and safe walk up and back. Muffaletta is divine if you can take the calories.

            In Lexington Market, head to Krause's - it is a stand that makes hot, fresh hand-carved turkey sandwiches. Turkeys are roasted fresh each morning, and you can tell them what kind of meat you want. I get it on rye, with tomato, lettuce, onion (or hots) and mayo with extra black pepper. Alternative: The Mt.Olympus stand for a souvlaki salad. You'll probably get recommendations to go to Faidley's for crab cakes, but I prefer their lake trout sandwiches.

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            1. re: crackers

              thanks to all who commented.
              will be going tomorrow and will-make selection then
              again the hounds came through!