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Mar 17, 2014 01:13 PM

Who will have prepared foods for Pesach in Brooklyn?

We were not pleased with last year's order from Chap-a Nosh-any better suggestions would be welcome.

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  1. Moishas. Krm, pomegranate all sell takeout

    1. Pomegranate, Meisner's, Meal Mart. Nesher in Boro Park, maybe? I would definitely start with Pomegranate, though - they'll have the largest selection and I've only ever heard good things. Pomegranate offers gebrokts and non-gebrokts options. Meal Mart is great for your basics - kugels, salads, etc.

      1. Gourmet on J has always done it in the past, so I assume they will.

        1. Update: Gourmet on J will not be cooking for Pesach this year. Neither will Meisner's on New Utrecht Avenue. I picked up a Pesach menu on Meisner's counter for a place called "The Holiday Chef". Never heard of it. I asked a worker in Meisner's, if this was their Passover menu, and he said it wasn't, and that they would be closed.
          Has anyone here ever used "Holiday Chef" in the past? Any feedback, or reviews?

          1. I got the menu from Pomegranate yesterday, also available on their website.
            It looks really good (though note they make no mention of prices) and has a lot of the same items they sell through the rest of the year. If the quality is the same it should be good to excellent.

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            1. re: EllieS

              no mention of prices for good reason - be prepared to pay through the nose. that being said, the food is always reliable and I don't know that Pomegranate is that much more expensive for good prepared pesach foods than other places.

              1. re: ahuva

                There used to be a place on either Ave J or Ave K off Nostrand that my mother, a'h used to use. I forget the name of it, but she used to like it.

                1. re: kosherfoodie1226

                  Tov u mativ? I drove by there the other day and there was no sign in the window re pesach orders. They may still be cooking for Passover though

                  1. re: cheesecake17

                    Yes, I was thinking of Tov U Mativ. I don't know if they cooked for Pesach last year. I thought my mom said that they did two years ago, although that it is relatively immaterial now.

                  2. re: kosherfoodie1226

                    On Ave I off of Nostrand is Meisners, which in the past did have pesach food. That may be what you are thinking of.