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Mar 17, 2014 12:23 PM

Tai Wu Millbrae

Just heard that the new Tai Wu in Millbrae will have it's Grand Opening March 25 or so...

Interesting bit of info I got from a friend with insider access. (I can't confirm or deny this info): "Tai Wu took much longer for construction than anticipated. Everything has been manufactured in China....even the toilet paper is imported."

Tai Wu
300 El Camino Real
Millbrae CA

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  1. Any idea who the chef is?

    1. It's owned by the same Mr. Fong's/Tai Wu partners. Anyone been in yet?

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      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Well, I broke my own rules and try it for dim sum (I swear off dim sum since my Doctor told me to eat healthy or else).

        We order the same things Har Gar, Sai Mai, Fun Gow and etc. All was high grade.

        Specials S&P Tofu, Small Wood Ear in a pickled sauce, The special Chinese Chicken Salad.

        To top off the menu we order Hot "Lava" Mochi balls.

        Order off the menu so not much carts but there were carts but not for hot food.

        Got the set menu dinners but they only give me table of ten I will follow up to see if the TP was for Chinese but everything in the toilets looked American. Chinese TP is not something you want to try, I know.

        Quickly talk to Mr Fong but he was busy but soon I will have to try for dinner with the family

      2. Just went there tonight - here's a couple pics. My favorite was actually the red bean / purple rice soup dessert they served at the end - I usually hate the free desserts at the end because they're too sweet to my taste, but this was perfect.

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        1. re: mr_darcy

          Is that egg whites and scallops? One of my favorite dishes but that rendition looks somewhat stringy.

          1. re: Melanie Wong

            Close - it's egg whites, scallops, and crab. I was expecting the egg white to be made with milk / cream / corn starch so that it'd be more saucy - but this was just plain egg white. Don't know if I'd order it again (bits of shell with the crab) - it wasn't bad though.

            1. re: mr_darcy

              Scallop and crab sounds great, but plain scrambled eggwhites leave much to be desired. Where do you get the creamy/fluffy versions of eggwhites with seafood? The only place I've found it in the Bay Area, so far, is Tai Pan in Palo Alto, which does a version made with a whole crab--crab legs deep fried with garlic and meat from the body mixed into the custardy eggwhite.

              1. re: pilinut

                You probably won't like my answer. ;-)

                Jai Yun, here's its version with abalone at last month's chowdown,

                1. re: Melanie Wong

                  Hmmm, maybe it's time I forgave Jai Yun for starving me at a chowdown 12 years ago :-)

                2. re: pilinut

                  All the high-end Canto restaurants in Millbrae offers that. By the way, Tai Wu is easily the best of the bunch now, for both dim sum and dinner. Sorry to see the downward spiral in quality for The Kitchen, which inspired a lot of local Cantonese chefs when it opened.