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french quarter fest

Heading to New Orleans for French Quarter Fest! My husband and I are frequent visitors, but never during any sort of festival.

What are some of the must eat's? I'm afraid I'll be overwhelmed with all the choices! Good problem to have :)

What are the details on the largest jazz brunch? I saw something mentioned, but I don't know what it entails.


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    1. When they say 'jazz brunch', I think that's kind of misleading.
      Basically, at every stage area, there are booths set up by restaurants and you buy food.
      Here is this years list of vendors:

      I print and then go though the list with a highlighter. Seriously.

      1. I've seen the list of AMAZING food.
        Does anyone have any favorites from the list?

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          My spouse and I will be there as well thursday and Friday of FQF. The food looks great but I too want to know what is the for sure must eats.

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            Shrimp & Aligator Cheesecake
            Stuffed Merliton
            Bad Bart Black Jambalaya
            Caribbean Fish with rice and veggies
            Cochon de Lait Po boy (Must have)

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              Bad Bart Black Jambalaya? Hell yes.

          2. We are visiting too at that time (my husband and I are past and future NOLA residents ). I just printed the food list and highlighted a few things that I plan to seek out:

            Praline Connection - fried chicken livers with jalapeno jelly (an old favorite)

            K Paul's - Butterbeans and rice; chicken grillades with cheese grits

            Café Reconcile - white beans with shrimp

            WWOZ mango freeze (a must have)

            Royal House - chargrilled oysters

            Lakeview Harbor - crawfish bread

            1. Stuff I've liked in the past:

              Boucherie: roast beef poboy

              Praline Connection: grilled chicken livers

              Tujagues: brisket with horseradish

              Benachin: jerk chicken

              Love at First Bite (Walker's): cochon de lait poboy

              Haven't tried at the festival, but I'd think anything from Three Muses should be good. Also, if the duck poboy from Jacques-Imo's, is anything like the one served at Crabby Jack's (Jacques-Imo's downmarket and far superior sister establishment), it is well worth having.

              1. I forgot to mention Mrs. Wheat's meat or crawfish pies. Always a favorite.

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                  Great suggestions and i will highlight some of these food must try's too. I find the map of stages overwhelming when its our first time going and dont know our way around.

                  Dr john,Irma Thomas and amanda Shaw are on our list to see.

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                    You can download a French Quarter Fest app that lists all of the food and music venues and includes a map.

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                      I didnt know they had a app for it. Im canadian so dont want A lot of roaming fees going on apps.
                      Unless use a wifi area