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Mar 17, 2014 11:05 AM

Trader Joe's class action settlement March/2014

The linked pdf is to the details of the settlement based on erroneous labeling of several products as "all natural".

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  1. Got this in the mail on Saturday, and finally read through it today. I am not filling it out. You can get I think 2.10 back per pack of joe joes we bought, with a cap at 10, or else you need a receipt. Considering that's about twenty one bucks, and the joe joes were enjoyed and long hone, I won't be filling it out. Did anyone actually consider those lard-like filled treats all natural and healthy? Granted I get the gist, don't lie or you'll get caught, but not worth it for me.

    1. I was under the impression that the term "natural" had no legal definition; how can TJs or anyone be in violation of something that's not legally defined?

      1. Ironic since TJ's frequently states: "At Trader Joe's, when we say all natural, we really mean all natural." (going back to at least 2009 -- see )

        1. We used to worry about "ambulance chasers" but now we should also keep an eye out for "shopping cart chasers."