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Mar 17, 2014 09:27 AM


What is y'all's favorite brand of grappa? Fred Plotkin says Nonino from Friuli is among the best, and I plan to try it next month.

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  1. Nonino is good for amaros, not particularly good for grappa. For us, by far the best grappa is from Romano Levi. After that we very much like Jacapo Poli's.

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      Jacapo Poli is definitely great. I recently enjoyed their "Miele" Honey Liqueur made from grappa and acacia honey.

    2. Capovilla is one of our favorites - and not just because toured the facility with Giovanni. :-)

        1. Nonino is good, but very commercial. If you want to try a truly excellent grappa try something from Le Grappe di Susanna at Distilleria Gualco in Piemonte, they are artisan grappa producers. I love dry grappas and their Grappa di Cortese di Gavi is one of the best I've had. I also really enjoy their aged grappas.

          1. I'm a huge Nonino fan as well. And while big, I definitely wouldn't describe them as industrial. I've been to their distillery many times, and they their stills are small scale, copper stills. They are organized, and have a pretty big productions, but all of very high quality.

            I particularly like their honey distillate, as well as their Pirus (Pear) and Kirsch (Cherry) which are more aquavits than grappa.