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Mar 17, 2014 09:12 AM

Burch Steak & Pizza Bar

I'm a bit late to the discussion about Burch. I read the previous threads which went off on many tangents about food reviews, lemons, etc...

Has anyone eaten there lately, and if so, any recommendations? So far the menu isn't exciting me and neither are the prices but I'm meeting friends. What do you suggest?

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  1. I go every couple weeks or so, usually later at night with a few friends and we just share a few things. As far as beef goes, you have options. I will say, that I have no desire to sit down and eat a whole steak, or if I do, it won't be very big. I am also partial to grass fed beef, usually a secondary cut, and they have those and they cook them well. The schupfnudel and khinkali dumplings are both tasty. The pizza's are also pretty good. Sides are all fine, friends really enjoy the carrots, I wish they did a proper french fry but oh well. A couple misses have been the tartare, the crudo's and the sea beans salad/side(awful, awful dish)

    The wine list is pretty uninspiring. you either can drink ok cheap, or you are spending over $80 on a bottle that has any value imo.

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      Thanks. In the end I wasn't all that hungry and only had a few drinks and the soup of the day. The soup was very good and my companions seemed to enjoy their meals.

      Thanks for the recommendations Mitch

    2. its not horrible, but there is better food and definitely better options.

      if the prices were cut in half, i would probably go there every few months (mostly for the pizza and sides).