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Mar 17, 2014 07:50 AM

Deni Home Food Slicer..............

I received one of these for Christmas and just got around to unpacking it and setting it up in my kitchen. I have not used it yet, and while I was pretty excited about having a slicer, after setting it up, it seems a little flimsy to me. Does anyone have one of these and what do you think?

I did a few quick searches here and cookware and didn't find anything so I'm asking.

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  1. I checked on Amazon since I was curious, they have several different models shown, but a lot of the write-ups are consistent with your comment of "flimsy"

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    1. re: andieb

      Thanks.....I have never used Amazon so I don't think to look at the user reviews on there. Just after playing around with mine I think the only thing it's good for it cutting off a few finger tips.

    2. Well we had an 80th birthday party for my father in law. Hosted about 75 people so this was a good test for my slicer.

      It is a complete POS!! DO NOT purchase this for anything more than slicing tomatoes.

      Very flimsy and actually dangerously so.....I'm surprised this is allowed to be sold, you can seriously hurt yourself if you don't know what your doing.

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      1. re: jrvedivici

        What a shame. They aren't cheap.

        Are you tossing it? Donating it? I'd be more than willing to garbage pick it from you! ;-)

        1. re: Jerseygirl111

          I'm probably going to hold on to it, but I bought a whole prosciutto it couldn't cut and even the fresh mozzarella was a challenge for it.

          1. re: jrvedivici

            I have a Chefs Choice slicer that I got at restaurant supply for $350, and I'm not thrilled with it either. After you use a Globe, you're spoiled for life unfortunately.

            But mine is not dangerous and slices fine, just not paper thin. If anyone wants it let me know ;-)

            1. re: coll

              Let me know when you put that baby to the curb Coll!

            2. re: jrvedivici

              That's really unacceptable. But fresh mozzarella is so soft even when you cut it with a regular knife, it sort of mushes down; I could see any home use slicer having problems cutting it.

              I bought my manual slicer for $15 at the townwide garage sale a couple years ago. A caterer no longer in business. It's some older model Sears used to sell. I've only used it 2x on roast beef and it is sharp as hell.

        2. Ok here you go, I was so disappointed by this things performance my OCD kicked in, and I had to figure out what makes this such a piss poor appliance.

          I have made this side by side comparison of a true commercial slicer (left) and what I think is mine (right).

          On the left side you see the actual blade is just a ring the product you are slicing passes over, then onto a still solid area. On the right you see the blade is more like a circular saw, the entire blade is moving as you are slicing, so once the cut is made and you pass your product past the initial blade, the circular motion of the rest of the blade is trying to pull the product from your grip.

          As I mentioned I was cutting fresh mozzarella cheese, taking my time to try and make nice slices, as I would pass the cheese over the initial blade, the rest of the spinning blade often shot the mozzarella out of the slicer's holding area. The plastic cover on the handle which you apply downward pressure on to push the product down while slicing is woefully inadequate. Here are the main problems with this machine;

          1.) The teeth on the handle/shield are too small to dig into your product and does very little to hold in in place. (thus the flying mozzarella mentioned above) Plus it's made of plastic, steal blade vs. plastic cover, steal blade wins every time!

          2.) The entire handle/shield is removable from the slicer arm, so was I was trying to assert downward pressure for my prosciutto, trying to get this thing to "shave" it, the handle would often "slip" from the amount of force I was putting on it, leaving my hand to fly dangerously close to the circulating blade.

          3.) The suction cups on the legs are a complete joke. I had to hold the slicer in place with my left hand while slicing with my right to keep the thing from moving all over my counter top.

          Bottom line stay away from this product, it is truly dangerous and I'm very surprised it's on the market. Jerseygirl if you see one of these I would not even yard sale purchase or pick it up for free!

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          1. re: jrvedivici

            Then why are you keeping it? ;-)

            Honestly the one I bought at the garage sale is missing the gripper, we just slice carefully. It also is missing one of the rubber suction cup grippers so it was off balance. Plus they were old and dry rotted. We just took the matching one off and I hold it while my hubby slices. I could probably look for parts but can't be bothered.

            We live dangerously.

            1. re: jrvedivici

              You've made an absolute imperative observation. I've only used a commercial type slicer and have always been suspect of those "home" models. It seems cheese would be a disaster on one of those because of the sticky nature of the product. Some things cannot be made cheap and this is one example.
              A machine that slices with a large blade must be stable and have a good design. These have neither. The weight, blade guard and slicing cradle must be adequate for safe operation. It amazes me that product safety standards seem to be absent from these appliances. All the safety warning labels in the world don't make a product safe.
              WARNING WARNING Will Robinson!

              1. re: jrvedivici

                Check this one out I found on line.

                Light Duty 10 Inch Slicer, Semi-Automatic, 1/4 HP
                Jaxpro LDS10
                $655.00 MSRP
                $299.99 / Each
                Mission Restaurant Supply

              2. I have a chefs choice that I really like. I use it all the time to slice my homemade bread and of course for meats.